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The Moon does play a nightly tune
Springing against the sky
The leaves are blown and have flown
Into my open eye

Do not wait for the morrow
Or better days to come
For once arrived all tomorrow
Will soon be naught and done

The things I want to show you
the things I'll show you will be grand
the places that you'll see,
come, take my hand

In paradise I am lost,
Where mundane is gone
Where there's no heat nor frost
And greenery covers the lawn.

Although I am small in sight
when I look at the night sky
it reminds me
so are the stars, that shine so bright

oh your sweet love and tender kiss
I know I will deeply miss

your gentle touch and kind caress

Come, my beloved, to meet the bride
Let us together welcome the fall
We'll lie on the sand until eventide
And watch the waves of sea crawl

O, Earth! O, Heavens!
Do you have any ear?
My mind is ailing,
My heart is sick,

I found a mend for a friend
amidst the soft dew
I hear bells in our shells
when our quarrels - they were few

And through the archway
to the field -
I saw what one would see
what one would see if they could build

O What did the night say to me
When the shades were drawn
Did they not share a tale
Right before the dawn?


My song has notes clearly
near glass water that's still
the moon will hang near me
or they say that it will

They say that right before we die
Our days flash upon our inner eye

So let us make sure it will be

O, darkness,
you can dream!

And Light,

And sleep in spite of thunder
Throw jewels in my open grave
I won't smile but I will wave
And sleep in spite of thunder

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Where It Grows

The Moon does play a nightly tune
Springing against the sky
The leaves are blown and have flown
Into my open eye
There it goes, the lovely rose
Nearing the day of wilt
Oh, where it grows, nobody knows
As the clouds they have spilt
It’s passed the bend, near the end
As it waves a leaf
This was one that was almost done
As it passes underneath
Oh, how I wish it could flourish
Right before my eyes
The one last thing I hope to bring
Is this rose’s paradise
I pray that at the end of day
The night will be so kind
To the rose that is pleasant prose
And that peace it will find

April 20th 2015

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