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A curious titan sprints this sea of
Endless bodies upon endless body of
Fathomless neon-things alive for centuries,
Teeming with Jurassic scenes of
Demigod-like anomalies and bulimia:

Swallowing and regurgitating,
Swallowing and vomiting,
Swallowing and purging.

I take it all in.
Never full; yet,
Morbidly obese.
I devour the entire experience. Like
Everything else, it is
A vast but quaint amalgamation of knowledge & ignorance,
Faith and doubt,
Fear and love,
Life and death.

My Baby Doll quietly sips her daiquiri
Virgin [strawberry...of course;
A fitting homage to her
Strawberry-blonde air]
I down my coffee
Conspicuously gulping
[Black...of course;
Robustly reminiscent of my id;
Of a filter-less Camel dangling
From my mouth at the age of thirteen]

of the mundane
in a bucket-
List baptistry.]
Tomorrow's our anniversary.
The day after tomorrow

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R. Lee Metheny Popularity

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