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Every thirteenth has bright red eyes.
To see one would be a great surprise.
They ride tornadoes from place to place,
And move around with nary a trace.

Who knows lots about jackalopes?
The Jackalope Man, that's who!
Maybe if you're lucky,
Bruce "the Jackalope Man" Larkin

No two sets of antlers look the same,
Though antlers are their claim to fame.
A jackalope's antlers smell like candy corn,
And they have them from the moment they're born.

Do you have glasses that help you to see?
So does our friend, Tuckerpuppy!
He wants all kids to be great readers.
Everyone knows that readers are leaders!

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Tuckerpuppy Has A Best Friend

Tuckerpuppy and Twittermouse Molly are the best of friends.
They hope that their playtime together never ever ends!

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Rachael Penfil Popularity

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