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It's Monday morning and he wanted to skip school,
his stomach was hurting, that's how he would fool.

Mama approached and he held the stomach hard,

As you hold me to impress,
the first error is made,
you use me in depress,
when nerves have frayed.


Soft colours caress the face,
people greet with warm embrace,
water-balloons in joyful menace,
quelling stale and ill grudges.


Deep eyes,
reflect her,
my face can't,
conceal the love.

She veils the fire,
that resides in her,
just enough so,
to tempt desire.

Yearn to be a bishop or a knight,
if not the king in her life,
I live around her sorrows and joy,
unaware being a pawn; at her fancies, sacrificed.


Dream, dream, this wonderful mind,
of those sweet corn fields and endless stream,
bathing in sun and in the moonlight,
I once strolled from morn to eve.

There lies the school teacher, strict, severe,
now so serene, so quiet in here,
alongside the school gardener,
partners in crime; now, forever.

Stitched of a false mask,
buttoned with colourful threads,
I'm needled to last,
hold me not liable if I don't live up to the label,

Counting to slumber-
she grazes in winding trails
short tail, woolly coat,
then one climbs over the bridge

On a roadside cafe the hunter sits,
the deep eyes skate over the bustling crowd
in search of the hunt that often outwits,
teasing the patience of the hunter abound.

Tweeter-ee tweeter-ee tweet
chirped the blue birdie,
I want something to eat,
I am so hungry.


On an island
stranded alone,
restless I rant,
where is home?

Do you remember me Mr. Malone?
I am your little Amy, now grown.
I lived two blocks down, when I was young,
and loved the sound and the roll of your drum.


Swollen cheeks,
blood-red eyes,
heart bleeds,
the head dies.

Every night she stands by the window,
peeping inside and whispering low,
Watching me with eyes, deep and green,
which have haunted me even in my dream.

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Skipping School

It's Monday morning and he wanted to skip school,
his stomach was hurting, that's how he would fool.

Mama approached and he held the stomach hard,
She stood and watched as he cried out, ' Oh my God! '

Mama scolded:
'Told you not to sleep late, Why didn't you follow the rule? '
He said:
'I have a stomachache, please don't send me to school.'

Mama told him to rest, believing all the lies,
and set off to work, giving lots of advice.
He slept for sometime, glad to be at home,
but got up in no time, happy but alone.

He watched some TV and played video games,
but actually was missing all school mates.

Restless and lost, Lazy and bored,
eating all junk food, finally he dozed.

Mama returned home and woke him up,
along came his friends happy and pepped up.
startled but awake now, he asked 'how was school? ',
they all said 'wow, it was pretty cool'.

Suddenly he stood up rattling his brain,
everyone looked up when he shouted in pain.
'come here and feel, my stomach is aching,
this time for real, I am not faking.'

Mama said 'drink some water and soon the pain will pass',
His friends gave the school work which he had missed in the class.
Off they went to play
wishing him to get well soon
He knew he had to stay
as he had wasted the afternoon.

He promised himself, will never make an excuse,
bunking the school was really of no use.

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