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I'm unspoken
even you are broken
moment at stake and
truth taken

My promises decieved my truth
a past holding nothing
a path i choose for my foot
a story of mistaken identity

I'm searching for harmony
Pleasant combination of truth
in an eyes
Trustful hand for destined path

I train
my heart not to fall
I sustain
Ignorance of stake with hope of halt

A try of demarcate
Of thought
Thrust to cut the connection taught
To find oblivion

A vision shows soul
So blessed with whole
Brave as nature

Remembrance can be a sentence
It come to you in second chance
For a small time a minor glance
Still we change thought and pretend

I wait to see you
hiding somewhere
i wait to see through
the lost vision

Where the way heads if i wounder
black cloud heavy rain and thunder
pushes me back
series of pain sticks like stain

Earth moves beneath feet
it comes with a strange hit
resembling of disaster
an Earthquake

Decency a burden on me
making me go down,
clam a wound on my back
making to turn around,

Working all day
on this three word
Fast is every moment
motions intertwine

Is this love?
When you try to stop
yourself from getting it
but you couldn't

Beautiful Creation left out to think
untill you have link
who she is?
Once you got it

I have seen those look on your face
crispy little thoughts
of different taste
i know you rush into difficulties

I peruse your nature
want my love's lore
part underneath
already indulge

Light gazes down at dawn,
a new morning
surrounded with trust,
a new morning

He is clean every moment
doing duties in different ways
with no fragnance no scent
he attracts you

why they find one perfect?
without knowing the fact
that always there'll be
illusion of perfection

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Live Once More

I'm unspoken
even you are broken
moment at stake and
truth taken
ways being chosen by whom?
Perfectly hoping for the fall for me
misunderstanding created distance leading to nothing
whole feeling covered by black cloud
i stood i shout
''Not like this''
is it my crime?
or was that a wrong time
i am yours
you are mine
dont do this?
This flood was not meant to stay
why are you away?
Lets live once more

You got life with pain?
Was that smile fake?
Everything you cannot deny
dont let your heart store lie
lets come together and cry
lets live once more

i somehow choose to die
for something
rather than living for nothing
i walk i run i cover those long distance
now its difficult for me to walk
still i'll crawl to that door
for you
no music beats like this heartbeat
let me store this beats for you
lets live once more
please open this door
lets live once more

O God! ! What should i do?
She left that house
no one behind that door
Move On is what you want me to do?
Forget the past
coz it dint last
so be it
i will live once more
i'll define
i will live once more

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