Dr. Antony Theodore Rain Poems

Listen To The Rustling Of The Rain.

Listen to the rustling of the rain.
Observe the force of the rain
on the leaves of the trees.

Rain On Me, My God Rain On Me

Rain on me, my God
Rain on me.

Make me naked.

The Rain And Silence

I listened to the rain
and became still.

Let my silence come to word.

Smiling In The Rain.

God showers raindrops on me.
God knows that i am crying.
God wants me to smile and laugh.

Only In The Rain Of Tears.

I have seeds in my soul.
It will burst into flowers
only in the rain of tears.

Rain And Diamonds

God of love,
your rain fell on
my open palms, bare
and became diamonds.

The Clouds Rain Down

The clouds rain down
on those who love.
Their hearts are filled
with the warmth of love.

Standing In The Gentle Rain

Standing in a gentle rain
I whisper to the little
drops about simple things.

There - Is - No - Rain

There is no rain
which did not come to an end.

There is no night

The Word Of God And The Rain.

The word of God and the rain.
Rain and snow make life
possible because without
them there is no bread to eat.

Like - The - Gentle - Rain

Like gentle rain,
let the skies
dropdown to us
love and justice.

Like - The - Songs - Of - The - Rain

Like the songs of the rain
like the soft wind's murmur
like the fragrance of the rose
I wish to keep in my heart

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