Raja Sivaji Poems

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A Step

On the other side of darkness, far away there shines a light,
A light to end all sorrow,
A light to be ever free,
A light for a new tomorrow

When I Call You Will You Come.....

When I Call you will you come
To soothe my tormented and troubled mind
To lift my worried and unsure spirit
With the divine touch of thine

Take It As It Comes

Life is a roller coaster
Ride the trough and crests
full of crying and laughter
Try hard and do your best

A Journey In Time

Young life has cares afew
Dreams and desires fresh as the morning dew
Shielded by loved ones from lifes incessant cares
Driven by youthful passion to dangerous dares

Ode To Him

O Heavenly Being
We look for thee

In the sunlight of the morning

Passing Thoughts

The winds pass us by
And Time does fly
On the wings of fate
We strive to live each date

Seven Hues

Seven colours of the Rainbow shine
In the river running by
If only our minds could graspthe light divine
We can but only try


Lost and alone in the crowd of plenty,
Searching for the beacon to guide me,
Am speaking, listening, walking and falling
Without any aim without a thought inside me


Splendid beautiful brilliant things,
That He has made in an eyes wink,
Eyes that can see
But minds must perceive

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