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Rating: 3

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One eye looks out upon the west
Split into two squares
When closed, the view of the bottom returns to filtered light
Two tall palms and layered clouds remain visible

In the mornings, when it's not too cold
The eye opens to view the whistling birds
Fluttering across the garden

This morning it remains closed
Drizzle runs down its surface
The grey glow is comforting
Birds still serenade

Though no longer blue
The vista still wraps my heart with hope
The sun will kiss us when it sets in an afternoon
A day on the horizon

We are friends, the sky and I
He understands me
And today I sympathise
It's ok to not be bright and chirpy sometimes

We sit together in the lulling season
We may not touch but we connect
Let life paint its colours here and there
They can always be wash off

Nothing to be afraid of,
Not even thunder
Not even lightening

Tears of love flow down my cheeks
There's a safely in the timelessness of this space
The canvass behind life's paint
The rapture being its masks

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