Ramprasad Sen

(1718 - 1775 / Halisahar / India)

Ramprasad Sen Poems

1. Mother, Am I Thine Eight-Months Child? 3/20/2012
2. Kulakundalini, Goddess Full Of Brahman, Tara 3/20/2012
3. Mother, This Is The Grief That Sorely Grieves My Heart 3/20/2012
4. O Death! Get Away; Whatcanst Thou Do? 3/20/2012
5. So I Say: Mind, Don'T You Sleep 3/20/2012
6. This Time I Shall Devour Thee Utterly, Mother Kali! 3/20/2012
7. Who Is That Syama Woman 3/20/2012
8. Of What Use Is My Going To Kasi Any More? 3/20/2012
9. Who In This World 3/20/2012
10. Come On Mind 3/20/2012
11. A Country Fair 3/20/2012
12. O Longing Mind 3/20/2012
13. A Serious Grievance 3/20/2012
14. Does Suffering Scare Me? 3/20/2012
15. I Spent My Days In Fun 3/20/2012
16. Why Disappear Into Formless Trance? 3/20/2012
17. O Mother, Who Really 3/20/2012
18. Conquer Death With The Drumbeat Ma! Ma! Ma! 3/20/2012
19. Mind Don'T Sleep 3/20/2012
20. Why Is Mother Kali So Radiantly Black? 3/20/2012
21. The Diamond Essence Of Awareness 3/20/2012
22. Ma, You'Re Inside Me; 3/20/2012
23. Its Value Beyond Assessment By The Mind 3/20/2012
24. She's Playing In My Heart 3/20/2012
25. Love Her, Mind; 3/20/2012
26. Who Knows Your Magic 3/20/2012
27. I Drink No Ordinary Wine 3/20/2012
28. Once For All, This Time 3/20/2012
29. Meditate On Kali! Why Be Anxious? 3/20/2012
30. Tell Me, Brother, What Happens After Death? 3/20/2012
31. Come, Let Us Go For A Walk, O Mind 3/20/2012
32. Call Out Kali, Kali 3/20/2012
33. I'M Sick Of Living Mother 3/20/2012

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Best Poem of Ramprasad Sen

I'M Sick Of Living Mother

I’m sick of living, Mother, sick.
Life and money have run out
But I go on crying “Tara, Tara,”
Hoping. You are the mother of all
And our nurse. You carry the Three Worlds
In Your belly.

So am I some orphan fallen out
Of the sky? And if You think I’m bad,
Remember, You’re the cord connecting
Every good and evil
And I’m a tool tied to illusion.

Your name can blot out fear
Of Death – so Shiva said,
But, Terrible One, You forget all that,
Absorbed in Shiva, Death, and Time.

Prasad says: Your games, Mother,
Are mysteries. You make and ...

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I Drink No Ordinary Wine

I drink no ordinary wine,
but Wine of Everlasting Bliss,
As I repeat my Mother Kali's name;
It so intoxicates my mind that people take me to be drunk!
First my guru gives molasses for the making of the Wine;
My longing is the ferment to transform it.
Knowledge, the maker of the Wine,
prepares it for me then;
And when it is done,

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