Ramprasad Sen

(1718 - 1775 / Halisahar / India)

Ramprasad Sen Poems

1. Mother, Am I Thine Eight-Months Child? 3/20/2012
2. Kulakundalini, Goddess Full Of Brahman, Tara 3/20/2012
3. Mother, This Is The Grief That Sorely Grieves My Heart 3/20/2012
4. O Death! Get Away; Whatcanst Thou Do? 3/20/2012
5. So I Say: Mind, Don'T You Sleep 3/20/2012
6. This Time I Shall Devour Thee Utterly, Mother Kali! 3/20/2012
7. Who Is That Syama Woman 3/20/2012
8. Of What Use Is My Going To Kasi Any More? 3/20/2012
9. Who In This World 3/20/2012
10. Come On Mind 3/20/2012
11. A Country Fair 3/20/2012
12. O Longing Mind 3/20/2012
13. A Serious Grievance 3/20/2012
14. Does Suffering Scare Me? 3/20/2012
15. I Spent My Days In Fun 3/20/2012
16. Why Disappear Into Formless Trance? 3/20/2012
17. O Mother, Who Really 3/20/2012
18. Conquer Death With The Drumbeat Ma! Ma! Ma! 3/20/2012
19. Mind Don'T Sleep 3/20/2012
20. Why Is Mother Kali So Radiantly Black? 3/20/2012
21. The Diamond Essence Of Awareness 3/20/2012
22. Ma, You'Re Inside Me; 3/20/2012
23. Its Value Beyond Assessment By The Mind 3/20/2012
24. She's Playing In My Heart 3/20/2012
25. Love Her, Mind; 3/20/2012
26. Who Knows Your Magic 3/20/2012
27. I Drink No Ordinary Wine 3/20/2012
28. Once For All, This Time 3/20/2012
29. Meditate On Kali! Why Be Anxious? 3/20/2012
30. Tell Me, Brother, What Happens After Death? 3/20/2012
31. Come, Let Us Go For A Walk, O Mind 3/20/2012
32. Call Out Kali, Kali 3/20/2012
33. I'M Sick Of Living Mother 3/20/2012

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Best Poem of Ramprasad Sen

I'M Sick Of Living Mother

I’m sick of living, Mother, sick.
Life and money have run out
But I go on crying “Tara, Tara,”
Hoping. You are the mother of all
And our nurse. You carry the Three Worlds
In Your belly.

So am I some orphan fallen out
Of the sky? And if You think I’m bad,
Remember, You’re the cord connecting
Every good and evil
And I’m a tool tied to illusion.

Your name can blot out fear
Of Death – so Shiva said,
But, Terrible One, You forget all that,
Absorbed in Shiva, Death, and Time.

Prasad says: Your games, Mother,
Are mysteries. You make and ...

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Love Her, Mind;

Love Her, Mind;
She can ferry you across
the sea of birth and death.

Taxes must be paid in this worthless marketplace,
but it's stupid to trust in wealth and family.
Have you forgotten your past?
Where were you? Where have you come to?
Where are you going?

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