Rasul Mir Poems

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This Is Rasul Mir, At Shahabad, Doru.

This is Rasul Mir, at Shahabad, Doru.
He has opened a love-kiosk.
Come ye lovers, drink free cup.
Love's fire burns me deep

You Stay Away, My Angry Love

You stay away, my angry love,
and here I sink from senses dear;
My tears flow and wash all kajal from my eyes dear

My Heart Is Not The Love One

My heart is not the love one, caged in that love
This is way, the path through which,
not one but two worlds've gone

Rasuls, Knows Thy Locks And Looks

Rasuls, knows thy locks and looks
is a fine faith.
How'd he know what is kufur,
and what Islam, dear.

My Heart You Stole

My heart you stole,
and left me a maiden.

That Face Is The Kaaba Of Beauty

That face is the kaaba of beauty,
her lashes layered over and over.
In the path of love,
it is meet to bow to those two brows

Bride's Robes

Bride's robes, would suit thee well,
Ye, my beloved of short years
Thy braids of hair, thy ear rings
peep from beneath the gossamer cover

Come Let Us Be Friends

Come let us be friends, ye lovely beauty,
listen to my laments, oh Henzi,
come to see the mela and,
we shall roam through Telbal

I Am All Ashake, I May Die

I am all ashake, I may die
my heart's wish has seen no fulfillment
that lovely, pleasing, my heart throb
he hasn't come, ah Dear!

Veer-Nag, I'Ll Go To Usher Thee

Veer-nag, I'll go to usher thee,
Thy brow I'll deck in flowers of Acha-bal
Yeh, vine I'll twins thee to my breast
come ye kasturi, don't roam the meadows free

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