Ratnakar Rout

Ratnakar Rout
Village-Boita, District-Balasore, State-Orissa, Country-India

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A Jawan deployed to curb insurgency was abducted
and later on found brutally strangulated by the insurgents
The mutilated body was seen deserted in the desolate jungle path
He was the lone earning member of a poor farmer's family

The septuagenarian woman was seen from the den
Peeping outside through the dilapidated fence
It could not escape the eye of the curious journalist
Who immediately proceeded to the shelter of the old lady?

They were bought from the market
Like cattle, dogs, horses, cats
And other domesticated animals
But unlike them they were not the pets

My destiny has left me alone
As a lone pedestrian
In the midst of a solitary desert
I am eagerly thirsty


Mob rush every where
Entice the onlookers
Swelling up
Crowd in the sands

When an untouched is touched
By the sound of words
A volcano erupts
A flash flood overflows

A poor lady when could not clear up
Two rupees debt of a shop owner
Her husband was brutally strangled to death
After a brief altercation with the shop keeper

Just before breathing the last breath
What one can ponder over?
He may recollect the ugliest encounter
He had with his foes

Like the first dropp of rain
Touches the earth
The touch of some one
Touched some where in

To avoid my loneliness
I am in love with you
I do not know
If you reciprocate

In one fine morning
When the Sun was rising at the
Eastern horizon
The sky appeared stained with

I am not that I
You saw the day before
A new man I am born each day
With a day break

Confusion is the seed of relation
When relation grows
It breeds confusion
Only when one becomes

Now a day every body tells
You are looking pale
A shadow of grief has shaken you
What is the reason of sorrow?

He had not seen him nor with him
there was any interaction
But the tabloid editor went on
publishing malicious articles

We were together for some time
He was a good friend but a bad family man
He had his own rules in life. Thus,
did not care to take up anyone's advice

Three and half decades past
a boy in far East at the shore of Bay of Bengal

The cloud covered the midday sky like a blanket
It was dark almost everywhere
The vibrant sun dared to smile through the thick cloud
Alike a daring brave man moves ahead

The unkind scorching ray of the cruel summer sun
made lives on earth measurable
The unbearable sufferings of the people
was alike the condition of the climbing fish

She was like a serene blooming flower
When misfortune befell on her
Now she is dwindling in confusion to know
What is her identity? A Cambodian or Indian

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I love literature, in particular the poems.I am a bilingual poet, a storyteller and an essayist.I write in my mother tongue 'ORIYA' and in 'ENGLISH'.Usually my essays are based on poetry and present social issues.I am an ameture writer as my proffesion is something else.But creative writing is my passion.I have been writing poems etc. for last thirty years in spite all my other engagements.During this long period, I have written around 800poems,50 shortstories and many essays which are published in different periodicals and journals.Six poetry collections, three shortstory collections and one book on essays on poetry have been published so far by different publication houses.I love literateurs, poets as my family members and find pleasure and utmost satisfaction in their company and also interacting with them.I would request earnestly to all fellow members and guest visitors to read my poems and offer their valuable comments and suggestions so as to encourage and guide me for writing more and more better poems in future.I do not create poetry rather my innerself compels me to write down something at times and that is what the poetry is for me.)

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Is It The Way

A Jawan deployed to curb insurgency was abducted
and later on found brutally strangulated by the insurgents
The mutilated body was seen deserted in the desolate jungle path
He was the lone earning member of a poor farmer's family
On whose income the five member family was solely dependent
The body was brought to the native village in a cavalcade
for its last rites, the mother got fainted and went in to coma
When all others in the family screamed, the septuagenarian father
looked at the deceased body closely and questioned to the gathering
utterly blank, is it the way to raise revolution
and bring a change in the present political and social system?

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Ratnakar Rout Popularity

Ratnakar Rout Popularity

Ratnakar Rout
Village-Boita, District-Balasore, State-Orissa, Country-India
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