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A poet that comes and goes, that's what I am.

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At A Glance

It seem so far away,
The distance of time,
As it gathered into dust,
And became nothing.

It was as if a tumble weed had passed by,
Took all the people and things around it,
And threw them into the land of Oz.

At a glance, all this happen,
All this hearsay of words,
Spread about like in a scrabble game,
Puzzled to become one.

As in universe of one's own,
One doesn't find what one is looking for,
Until the right time comes,
And then all of a sudden the equation is solved.

And then, and then,
A rush of time comes walking in,
Takes us all into a lost civilization,
And we forget who we are or who we were.

Everybody becomes someone else,
As in a novel, except everybody rotates,
Doesn't stay the same,
Making everything and everyone lost in confusion.

At a glance, time passes by,
As we go behind it.

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Raul Castelan Popularity

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