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Raven Brent Poems

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3. He 7/26/2009
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8. Strategy 10/8/2011
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10. Raven And Julia's Sizzling Affair 9/25/2012
11. I Thought 10/26/2009
12. I Cried 10/6/2009
13. Keith 7/8/2009
14. Passion 7/18/2009
15. Need A Boyfriend 7/3/2009
16. Here In My House 6/14/2009
Best Poem of Raven Brent

Here In My House

Here in my house.
My dreams are filled in the here and now.
Here in my house.
Things seem so estranged.
Life's closer to being changed.
Where I live there is a numbness.
There's an emptiness waiting to be undone.

Here in my house.
I need peace and solitude.
I want the happy interlude.
Where's the happiness?
Why the sappiness?

Here in my house.
I want a lover to feed me.
Come and take me to bed.
Save my room for my heart to be filled.

Here in my house.
Outside, life torments and plays with the wind.
You get caught up in the bum...

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The rush hour traffic was trafficacious.
Keith Richards and I crossed a turn lane.
His eyes wandered on mine.
He grasped my hand, playfully messing around
like with the strings of a guitar.
Circling around the pond, it was eyecandy to have him hold me.

I thought to myself,
he's gonna kiss me.

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