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It takes a lot to know love
Its not the big things
But the caring heart
And prayers remembering you


War may come
It may go.

Many may die

Sometimes I feel like a prophet
Under the gun like a new diseased..............

is again sending messages for me
This time I'm in a position
Not knowing what to do

I want to sit back
Sit back and rest for a while
For a while I stand to see
And see You all pointing me

When it comes to luck
I'm the unlucky
When it comes to time
I'm always late

I'll never open my mouth to say

For I kept my feelings away

The gift I brought and gave to my friend
Broken in pieces and how this end
Not her fault but still it hurts
I'll not scold her but I'm stressed

who always wish to sit down the tree
And enjoy the breeze

where was i before I could open my eyes...
you were there rescuing me from all my lies
my angel, my god, my love....
For you I submit this vow...

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I am ravichandran, now presently living in tamilnadu. my hobbies are reading book watching cartoon, wildlife and music(listening and editing) . Finished my engineering degree and in pursuit of a job.... To be more likely the pursuit of something I really wanted..I met this incredible something in college..Though i could not make it or tell it at that tine, , ..So getting a good job and getting financial support will help me get her..My parents are really cool and I believe they will help me to smooth this thing out...)

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Perfect Fan-My Mom

It takes a lot to know love
Its not the big things
But the caring heart
And prayers remembering you

All the prayer you gave me
You thought me walk without your hands
Always you were pushing me from the behind
Always to succeed, you're my perfect fan.

theres no day that goes
Without thinking you
Cause mom you're so precious to me
You're my perfect fan to be.

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Ravi chandran Popularity

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