He was like a tiger tearing
Apart his enemies and
the Arrays of British, defeated
Many a king who took sides

I have been chasing that truck,
For 2kms, now and I will be dead
For the morsel the world cannot reach me,
Or the gods that cant make in my soil.

She was married to a soldier,
Who left for the camp,
A month after holidays,
Word coming of war in siachen

Marriages like the registry
Are made in heaven,
With the relatives, friends
Making earthly arrangements

She lived alone with her
Most precious treasure,
A daughter, left by her
Beloved who changed her

Somewhere in Africa,
Or middle east there is
A lake, that has pure water
Called 'Tears of Alla'

The neem tree stood tal,
And spread out wide,
Dark green all over,
Giving shelter to passersby,

it does not take any thing hard to be kind in action,

But a gesture once in awhile, which make our heart so endearing.

He pushe a cart,
On four cycle wheels,
Filled with fruits,
Shouting loudly,

It was like a snake
Which gripped it's prey,
Trying to swallow it alive,
The pain in the mind

You are so gentle
And life giver, without you,
None, even the plants, flowers,
Friuts, and animals can survive,

Man, woman, we should
Love all all the time,
Instead of mouthing,
Hate nothings which

Iwas always waitng,
waiting for dinner to be served
waiting for my daughter to out,
Waiting for the servicing of the car,

A three decades ago,
A very beautiful sexy damsel,
Kept an alsatian as a pet,
For her safe sexy needs,

Pakistan, Pakistan, howw did
You get to be like this!
Painful is thy condition,
With no freedom for your

He inherited a small empire,
Through valour and bloody
Wars he made a huge empire
Through the years of

Pet dogs are like wet skin with only onw difference,

Wetness, moisture leaves the skin, Pet dogs never leave.

The street was lighted,
With lighted bulbs in hand,
the group moved along
With singers, at the back

It was a long time ago,
I have seen a rainbow,
In the city it si hidden
From the view,

There is nothing like
The truth itself, millions
Of defending lies,
Can never hide the truth,


I am an amatuer poet trying to write to contribute with whatever I can, to Poetry reading and writing, which has taken a backbench in the history of Literature, nowadays. I was born in the State of Kerala, (in India) which is called 'God's own country' is lusciously green with Rivers, Backwaters, waterways, bays, lakes, temple tanks, mountains and hills. I graduated from Osmania University, Hyderabad, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. I worked for a Goverment Petroleum Company for 26 years as a an exec. and am retired. I stay in Chennai, Tamil Nadu State, India. I am married with a daughter who studies in Manchester, My wife does all the work for me. Ravikiran Arakkal.)


Tipu Sultan -Tiger Of Mysore.

He was like a tiger tearing
Apart his enemies and
the Arrays of British, defeated
Many a king who took sides
Of them, speading his kingdom
And sending shivers up the spines
Of the Britsh who used all
Tricks in their dictionary
To make hom surrender.

He used missiles for
The first time in history
Of mankind and scared the
Wits out of his enemies,
But was defeated and killed
By the sheer treachery
Of his own men who made
Secret pacts with the british
And abstained from war,
Some even fighting against him.

His glory can never disappear,
from the pages of History
Of this country, who made
many sons of war and peace.


Mr.poopy face 29 April 2019


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