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The Rose

I nurtured it with the love I feel,
It's synthetic beauty was not fake but real.
The violet rays which gave it life;
A struggle to grow in it's earthly strife. It draws you deep, its rolls are serene;

Symbolic Woman

She rips, she tears, she screams;
Such a tantalizing sound of pleasure.
She's calm;
With her gentleness, I am able to touch her,

Take The Shade Away From Mine

Take the shade away from mine,
Of racial color, please God, let us be blind.
It is true, we're all the same inside,
Let us not build on false hope or pride. The blood that flows red through our veins,

How Do You See Me

How do you see me?
Is it the color of my skin,
Or, is it the shade, I come in? Are my features too strong,
My teeth are showing, of course! can't you see?

Raymond C. Christian Comments

Gregory Darnell 14 January 2010

Hello Mr. Raymond C. Christian, After reading your book, Women Tell What Men Should Know, I am in agreement with most of your ideology and theology presented within the text. Mentioning one ideal I will paraphrase, Men should not have to self-proclaim that they are the 'King of The Castle' it should be bestowed upon and an honor, by the way he treats his home; in other words take good care of your wife and children and they will in return respect and honor you. The text, Women Tell What Men Should Know, was a tremendous read and should be given 'International Best Seller'. I am in great expectancy for your newer texts to follow; I now believe I have added to my collection of authors, Raymond C. Christian. Stay Blessed.

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Delores Henderson 13 January 2010

Hello Raymond, It is nice to know, from reading your book, that there are still gentlemen in the world that believe women should be treated with respect and the gentleness requested in times like today. You my friend are a gentleman and a scholar. I not only purchased this book, I also purchased books 3 and 4 for my daughter, which she enjoys tremendously and wait with anticipation for more books to come. BTW: She's waiting for you to do a book signing in Chicago. Any plans for that? God bless and keep you as you continue to place unlimited value on the wonderful and pleasant way women should be treated and even higher value on women's self-worth. More men need to purchase and read this book with their women as well. Stay blessed.

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Betty Dime 01 November 2009

Hi Raymond i have read your book on women tell what men should know there is so mush more that you didn't even begin to touch on in your book it's not as deep or good as you think it should be; Well better luck next book maybe because buying that book was a waste of money and reading time.

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Patty Coleman 11 June 2007

Hi Raymond. I am glad to see you are doing well. I also see that your book has become a reality. I am proud of you! I moved to Indianapolis in 2000 after the birth of my daughter, but you probably knew that. I hope to see you if you are ever in Indy. Best wishes! Coleman

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