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Sinking in lies, suffocating in life
All a trap by a thought meant to wreak
Meant to bring awe in those who felt blind

We make decisions which are influenced by our conditions
We let powerless diseases and sicknesses command our happiness

A dream flying like a bee
Buzzing in the ears of my soul
Hope at last defined in darkness
Fading so fast my tears falling slow


The beginning and soon to be the end
Money we love less of them we spend
All untold and clearly fold
Unused in the lives of men, all 'cause of gold

We thought,
As we brought,
Hell in the mind of which love as a disaster
To and from the mind of nature we breathed

See me through,
Through the valley of the unknown
The valley where the old used to talk
And flames would burst out vigorously

We all seek the truth,
Face to face we gaze away
Depart my soul and leave me astray,
In God we trust

Hidden in terms of humanity,
We still think we are the best of everything
We brag of power,


A battle fought inside my head
Earthquakes causing my psyche to crack
Each thought i come across, like Jesus my mind is on the cross
Battle cries are no use, i shout no word comes out


The souls that driven ones melody
The angels that caused the lives of many
High we think as we pray
But no word drive us astray


We smiled and laughed in happiness
Talked as if we read each others thoughts
The way I had courage to gaze at your eyes
The way I didn't shiver when I neared by your side

We are living free, not in the world but in the mind
We are living rich, not in wealth but in heart
We live in a senseless harmony, where people die
Where people breathe in hunger, they see, they hunker

Just an infant to those I've thought of love
Just a boy in the war I promised to fight
An infant who sees the darkness that crawls under the night
A boy who the heavens in two depart to form a heart blind to man unseen by light

Remember our words last night before bed?
I hope you do,
Your eyes were completely concealed by ecstasy,
I smiled, you giggled, I laughed, you cried

Bow and eyes shalt be opened
See and in words your mouth shalt flow
Dare not to disobey as your faith is broken
Live what is given, leave what is never meant to glow

I am to lay my body to sleep
Your word is my life and mine your voice
A day closed in bliss your glory done in joy
See my eyes concealed by faith

A mouth as smooth as the stories of heaven
Words soo mending as the voice of the Lord
Eyes blue and pink covered by a heart full of dreams of many mam
Body well made by gods or men the movement comforts them

See me in the wilderness,
Leave me blind in happiness,
Dream no more of my love
My heart forgot yours and mine to him above,

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Poeticrae born Raynolds Moseamedi, South Africa, Limpopo, Tzaneen a student in Tshwane University of technology...)

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Sinking in lies, suffocating in life
All a trap by a thought meant to wreak
Meant to bring awe in those who felt blind
Hope in those who felt lost to despair
A fighting chance to those who were about to desist
But I'm caught, caught trying not succeeding
Caught going but not arriving
Life is now my captor
And despair is now my home.

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Kriel Beana 05 February 2018

Good work...keep it up.

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Kien Pierl 05 February 2018

I love reading your poems,Keep it up.

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Dan Team 05 February 2018

Nice poems...

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Terry 05 February 2018

The poems are great

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Raynolds Moseamedi Quotes

The heart bares more love than all the hate bared by the mind and still all is from the mind...

death is a fool who skipped school and now stealing from those who made it.

Life is not your friend but the best of it, feel what it brings not what is in it.

Pain is not to be endured, we just have to look at it in an adventurous way.

My idiosyncracity defines another me hiding from the open world, when time set revealed a Kho-kho bird shalt pop out.

Ostensibly we breathe the same Oxygen, but we don not exhale the same Carbon dioxide.

'The greatest memories are those that are hard to forget and easy to remember.'

Instead of hating and rejecting our imperfections, we should embrace them for they are the diamonds of being.

If no heart can accept you, Do yourself a favor, And appreciate your heart for Appreciating you.

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Raynolds Moseamedi Popularity

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