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Poeticrae born Raynolds Moseamedi, South Africa, Limpopo, Tzaneen a student in Tshwane University of technology...

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23 May 2017

The heart bares more love than all the hate bared by the mind and still all is from the mind...

23 July 2017

death is a fool who skipped school and now stealing from those who made it.

29 December 2017

Life is not your friend but the best of it, feel what it brings not what is in it.

09 February 2018

Pain is not to be endured, we just have to look at it in an adventurous way.

12 March 2018

My idiosyncracity defines another me hiding from the open world, when time set revealed a Kho-kho bird shalt pop out.

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Kriel Beana 05 February 2018

Good work...keep it up.

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Kien Pierl 05 February 2018

I love reading your poems,Keep it up.

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Dan Team 05 February 2018

Nice poems...

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Terry 05 February 2018

The poems are great

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The Best Poem Of Raynolds Moseamedi


Sinking in lies, suffocating in life
All a trap by a thought meant to wreak
Meant to bring awe in those who felt blind
Hope in those who felt lost to despair
A fighting chance to those who were about to desist
But I'm caught, caught trying not succeeding
Caught going but not arriving
Life is now my captor
And despair is now my home.

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Raynolds Moseamedi Popularity

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