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Phantasmagoria Of Faeries

Flitting figures dart about in my mind-faeries-
an array of colour- a spectrum
formed by these small spectral beings
makes me ponder over their very existence.

Norway The Beautiful

Norway the beautiful, how lovely thou are,
with your glistening crystal waters flowing like silk bed sheets
and bubbling, running through a mass of lush trees, long and far.
Forests are shrouded with cool mist and fog that meet

The Elixir Of Night

Drink in great draughts of this intoxicating elixir
The maiden trembles as the snake licks her
Pleasure rolls over the senses and true knowledge is born
Senseless doctrines are what we scorn.


Dark halos float above us
And an ominous presence-much like death- manifests.
As the rain falls in pools,
You look into it,

Satanic Ascent

Ignorance is not bliss; I do not follow you.
Stupidity and blind subservient sheep
The shepherd a drunkard, I turn away.
The black sheep, I follow a different path

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Born in Springfield Missouri, there wasn't much to do, as a child she read books and dreamt about the otherworlds she was always daydreaming and was never really 'of the earth', and her poetry reflects that. She is involved in many obscure things; she is a bisexual satanist and a misanthrope of sorts with a love for nature and animals. She longs ...

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