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by Rehmat Aziz Khan Chitrali

In a land where mountains kiss the sky,

by Rehmat Aziz Khan Chitrali

In the history of Urdu poetry's embrace,
A luminary emerges with grace,

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Profile Sketch: Rehmat Aziz Khan Chitrali Rehmat Aziz Khan Chitrali, born on April 25,1970, is a prominent Pakistani linguist and poet dedicated to the study and preservation of the languages of Northern Pakistan. He is widely recognized as a linguist activist and has made significant contributions to the development of the Khowar language, his native tongue. Chitrali has played a crucial role in creating an orthography, dictionary, and even a translator for Khowar, along with spearheading the translation of the Quran into the language. Chitrali hails from Chitral, a region in Pakistan, and is the son of Dur Khan and Bibi Hoorana Begum. His father belongs to the Khoshey tribe, while his mother is from the Ziley tribe, both of which are part of the Kho people. As a linguist and poet, Chitrali has been actively involved in various language-related organizations and institutions. He has served as the president of Anjuman-e-Taraqui-e-Khowar and Khowar Academy, leading efforts to promote and advance the Khowar language. Chitrali's dedication to the linguistic heritage of his region extends to his professional endeavors as well. He works for Chitraro Hawaz, also known as 'Voice of Chitral, ' at ATV Khyber Media Group. Additionally, he is associated with Khyber News newspapers, where he contributes in Khowar. During the Taliban takeover in certain parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, including Chitral, Chitrali actively edited Wikipedia and took the lead in initiating the Khowar Wikipedia project. For his outstanding contributions to the languages of Pakistan, Chitrali was honored with the Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Gold Medal Award in 2015 by the Nazriya-e-Pakistan Council. In 2009, the Karachi branch of Anjuman-e-Tarraqui-e-Khowar demanded that Chitrali be recognized with a Civil Award and have a road named after him in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, acknowledging his invaluable work. Chitrali's extensive work encompasses the development of language software. He has created a software called KHOWAR, which supports multiple languages, including Shina, Balti, Pashto, Kohistani, Dameli, Gujari, Dari, Ormuri, Yidgha, Hindko, Pahari-Pothwari, Torwali, and, of course, Khowar. He dedicated two hours of daily work to develop keyboard software for these languages, benefiting a wide range of users. Furthermore, Chitrali has authored dictionaries for Burushaski and Khowar, showcasing his commitment to preserving and promoting these languages. His poetic talent is also evident in his Khowar language poetry collection titled 'Muhammad (Peace be Upon him) , ' which earned him third place at the national level in the National Seerath competition. In addition, he has authored a vocabulary book for Khowar, further contributing to the linguistic resources available for learners and speakers of the language. Rehmat Aziz Khan Chitrali's work as a linguist, poet, and language advocate has had a profound impact on the study, preservation, and promotion of the languages of Northern Pakistan. His dedication to his native language, Khowar, and his efforts to support other regional languages have earned him widespread recognition and acclaim. Chitrali's contributions have significantly enriched the linguistic and cultural landscape of the region, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.)

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In Love With My Pakistan

by Rehmat Aziz Khan Chitrali

In a land where mountains kiss the sky,
Where the rivers flow and eagles fly,
There lies a love, profound and deep,
A bond with my Pakistan, I forever keep.

With every sunrise, a love reborn,
In every heartbeat, a passion sworn,
Through trials endured and victories won,
Love with my Pakistan, forever strong.

In fields of gold and forests green,
A love story, a timeless scene,
From north to south, from shore to shore,
A love affair, forevermore.

Oh, the love that blooms in the hearts of all,
United we stand, when shadows fall,
In diversity, our strength does lie,
A tapestry of love, painted in the sky.

From the sacrifices of heroes past,
To the dreams of the youth, steadfast,
Love intertwines, a common thread,
Binding us together, in words unsaid.

With every step, I tread the land,
Feeling the love, hand in hand,
For in this nation, my heart finds home,
In love with my Pakistan, I'll forever roam.

Through seasons change, and years unfold,
Love with my Pakistan, an eternal mold,
In unity, we rise above,
A symphony of love with my Pakistan, my love.

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Analytical Review: 'Rehmat Aziz Khan Chitrali - The Man of Many Talents' by Muhammad Zaheer Uddin Khan Muhammad Zaheer Uddin Khan's poem titled 'Rehmat Aziz Khan Chitrali - The Man of Many Talents' is a heartfelt tribute to Rehmat Aziz Khan Chitrali, a linguist and poet dedicated to the study and preservation of languages in Northern Pakistan. The poem captures the essence of Chitrali's contributions and celebrates his accomplishments in a lyrical and appreciative manner. The poem begins with an evocative portrayal of the beauty of Northern Pakistan, where languages flourish and find their rightful place. It sets the stage for introducing Rehmat Aziz Khan Chitrali as a significant figure in this linguistic landscape, a man with a true heart and a passion for his native language, Khowar. The poet highlights Chitrali's role as both a linguist and a poet, emphasizing his ability to navigate various languages with a gentle gaze. The dedication to Khowar shines through as Chitrali's orthography is praised for its strength and his efforts to create dictionaries and a translator for Khowar and Burushaski are acknowledged for ending linguistic challenges. The poet acknowledges Chitrali's notable achievement of spearheading the translation of the Quran into Khowar, emphasizing the grandeur and significance of this endeavor. It showcases Chitrali's commitment to his native language and his desire to preserve its cultural and religious heritage. The poem also highlights Chitrali's background, including his family and tribal roots, which contribute to his identity as a voice for the Kho people. His leadership roles in organizations such as Anjuman-e-Taraqui-e-Khowar and his involvement with media outlets like Chitraro Hawaz and Khyber News further emphasize his dedication to promoting and advancing the Khowar language. The poet draws attention to the challenging times when the Taliban's presence threatened the region, and Chitrali's resilience shines through as he actively edited Wikipedia and initiated the Khowar Wikipedia project. This demonstrates his commitment to preserving knowledge and promoting the language against difficult circumstances. The recognition Chitrali has received is celebrated in the poem, highlighting his receipt of the Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Gold Medal Award and the demand for Civil Awards and roads named in his honor. These accolades showcase the impact of his contributions and the respect he has garnered for his work. The poet also acknowledges Chitrali's technical accomplishments, particularly the development of the KHOWAR software, which supports multiple languages beyond Khowar. The poet praises Chitrali's dedication and the impact of his work, emphasizing how he has opened linguistic doors and provided opportunities for various language communities. The poem concludes with an acknowledgment of Chitrali's poetic talent and his recognition in the National Seerath competition. His creation of a vocabulary book for Khowar is highlighted as an empowering resource for learners, further underlining his commitment to language preservation and dissemination. Muhammad Zaheer Uddin Khan's poem successfully captures the essence of Rehmat Aziz Khan Chitrali's contributions and celebrates his multifaceted talents. The poem's lyrical and appreciative tone effectively communicates the admiration and respect for Chitrali's dedication to linguistics, poetry, and language advocacy. Overall, the poem serves as a fitting tribute to a remarkable individual and his significant contributions to the linguistic and cultural heritage of Northern Pakistan.

A Heartfelt Ode to Patriotism: Analyzing Rehmat Aziz Khan Chitrrali's Poem 'In love with my Pakistan'. By Muhammad Zaheeruddin Khan Rehmat Aziz Khan Chitrrali's poem 'In love with my Pakistan' beautifully captures the essence of patriotism and love for one's country. Through vivid imagery and heartfelt expressions, the poet takes us on a lyrical journey, emphasizing the profound connection he shares with Pakistan. In this analytical review, we will delve deeper into the themes, poetic devices, and the emotional impact of the poem. The overarching theme of the poem revolves around a deep sense of love and attachment to one's country, Pakistan. Chitrrali artfully employs vivid imagery to paint a picturesque scene, describing a land where mountains touch the sky and rivers flow freely. These images evoke a sense of grandeur and natural beauty, emphasizing the magnificence of the poet's homeland. Furthermore, the poet's mention of eagles flying high in the sky adds a touch of freedom and strength to the portrayal of Pakistan. The imagery not only captures the physical attributes of the land but also represents the spirit and resilience of its people. The poem follows a consistent structure, employing a four-line stanza throughout. This choice of structure provides a rhythmic flow to the verses, enhancing the musicality and readability of the poem. The poet also maintains a regular rhyme scheme, with an ABAB pattern, further contributing to the poem's melodic quality. Chitrrali effectively uses metaphors and personification to convey the depth of his love for Pakistan. Phrases like 'Where rivers flow and eagles fly' and 'In fields of gold and forests green' illustrate the poet's emotional connection to the country. These poetic devices serve to intensify the imagery and evoke a sense of admiration and reverence. The emotional impact of the poem is profound, as it encapsulates the intense love and loyalty the poet feels towards Pakistan. The repetition of the phrase 'love with my country' reinforces the strength and permanence of this bond. The poet's words evoke a feeling of unity and solidarity, emphasizing the power of collective love for the nation. Through references to the sacrifices of past heroes and the unwavering dreams of the youth, Chitrrali instills a sense of pride and determination. The poem celebrates the diverse tapestry of Pakistan, highlighting its richness as a source of strength. 'In love with my Pakistan' by Rehmat Aziz Khan Chitrrali is a heartfelt poem that beautifully expresses the poet's profound love for his homeland. Through captivating imagery, consistent structure, and emotional depth, Chitrrali captures the essence of patriotism and the enduring bond between an individual and their country. The poem serves as a reminder of the power of love and unity, inspiring readers to cherish and appreciate the unique qualities of their own nations.

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