Reinz Acasio

Rookie (Davao City)

Reinz Acasio Poems

1. Quench Your Thirst 11/22/2010
2. Dreaming Of Love That's No Ending 2/8/2011
3. A World That Replete Of Mystery 2/8/2011
4. Earth’s Wrath 2/8/2011
5. Flare 2/8/2011
6. The Wall Of Illiteracy 2/8/2011
7. Demented 2/8/2011
8. The Prevailing Innocent 2/8/2011
9. Never Cease On Hoping 2/8/2011
10. In Love With You 2/8/2011
11. An Overweening Professor 2/8/2011
12. The Tears Of Her Silence 3/1/2011
13. As The World Spins Day And Night 3/1/2011
14. Invincible Feeling 3/1/2011
15. Mendacity 3/1/2011
16. My Mathematics Afflatus 3/1/2011
17. Agony Of The Past 3/1/2011
18. Enamored By Thee 3/1/2011
19. You Are My Inspiration 3/1/2011
20. The Generous Larceny 11/22/2010
21. Mirror Of Friendship 11/22/2010
22. Nightmare's Weapon 11/22/2010

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Best Poem of Reinz Acasio

Nightmare's Weapon

As he walks in a null path
Somebody responds with doubt
Nobody hears him when he shouts
But someone stares him that counts.

He screams and stumbles because of fear
Calling the name of his loving dear
Covertly ruminating of a thing which is rare
That strides and shadows on his rear.

He desists for awhile because of debility
Hearkening to the surrounding which is empty
Anxiously cogitating if he’s in the antiquity
And murmuring if he’ll encounter an adversity.

Aboone the welkin he sees a light
Sparkling above that swathes his sight
He ...

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Mirror Of Friendship

Everyday I use you as an instrument
To judge me about myself
I don’t redound whatever you show
Because I know you are sincere, precisely it’s true!

There’s no covert thing that doesn’t reveal
If I glance at you it always prevails
You make me angry of a thing which is true
For I can’t accept the entity that I know.

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