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Full of flat surfaces
yet, we define the rainbow.
With many sides to our dim glow
and façades, enough to fill up the words:
no-hope (at all) .
Our plain faces shades negroid reds,
browns, yellows, black, blue-black,
and ROYAL purples with so many aspects,
sides, and traits; characteristics, and features
from the unknown.

Us colored-gals go from 0 to 0
at the drop of a hat. Imagine that?
Evil is more like the word
I'm looking for. Yeah, I know that's right.
This I do know.
With so many sides that feel love. Give love.
But never, can she receive love. Facets won't allow her
to inhale, exhale, nor breathe, and/or grow.

We wear many faces.
We wear many hats.
Mother, Step-mother, daughter, sister, Aunt, cousin
AND YES, EVEN FATHER! Imagine that?
We're a bad Mother…Shut my mouth!
Let's not mention the names were used to being called!
But we do own that!

I see my ‘sustahs
even when they don't recognize my "mask" at all
or "act" like, they know me not.
Facets can surely tell us apart.
She knows me.
She knows me not.
She knows me.

She does know me.
And I know her.

Dedicated to: Broke black women from across the globe!

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