Renee Maritz Poems

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I Am What I Am

I am what I am
I’ve always been there with them
I am what and I am when
They write about me with a heart shaped pen


Every morning, his face, the only sight I wish to see.
Better hurry now, can't let her get away from me
It's like he's pulling me and I got to obey
She's mine today, no more running away

No Worries If You Believe

Don't worry about tomorrow, focus on today.
Everything will happen as it should, come what may.
Don't stress about the things you cannot control,
cause the Angels are here always on patrol.


The first time I saw you, I did not quite understand…
When you said that you were not from this land
You were nothing like I've ever seen
At first I thought you were just a dream

Broken Homes

I look around and all I see is confusion
People walking around with happy faces of illusion
Their hearts filled with emotion, but empty with love
Everyone unhappy, just calling the other persons bluff


We all live - then we all die
But remember there's no reason to cry
If you've lived everyday right
Your future ahead will always be bright


Like a sunflower with colours wild
Like the graceful heart of a sweet, bright child
Like the angels in heaven sing
You are the promise of our king

Let’s Become One

Roses are red, violets are blue
My sweet honey pie, this one’s for you

When I hear your name my heart skips a beat

Power Of The Rose

Think of a rose…
You see its beauty; you see how others react to it.
You know the meaning it represents and you know the worth people give it
So, whenever someone receives a rose, the thorns usually gets cut just enough for the receiver to hold the flower, just enough for them to ignore the thorns and admire the rose

Let's Drink To… (21st B-Day Toast)

Let's Drink to…
The good times & the bad times
To good friends & bad wines
To great memories & even bad mistakes

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