Res John Burman

Rookie - 77 Points (27th October 1942 to 'Not Yet! ' / London, Middlesex, England)

Res John Burman Poems

1. To All In Durance Vile 12/29/2007
2. The Servants Reply 12/29/2007
3. Weather Report 1/28/2008
4. This Country In Between 1/29/2008
5. Witch 1/30/2008
6. Tulip Petal Love 1/31/2008
7. Storms, Squalls & Tempests 2/4/2008
8. Rudbeckia Hirta. Black-Eyed Susan. 2/5/2008
9. Boys And Girls 2/6/2008
10. Rapture. Miss P. 2/8/2008
11. Papaver Somniferum 2/10/2008
12. The Apple. To Eve. 2/12/2008
13. Come My Darling. 2/14/2008
14. Will-O-The-Wisp 2/19/2008
15. Door 2/24/2008
16. Cowboys & Indians Or The Optimist 2/27/2008
17. St Just Fire Brigade 2/27/2008
18. For My Heart 2/28/2008
19. Darkened Doorways. 2/29/2008
20. Dawn. 2/29/2008
21. Sea Salt 3/26/2008
22. Blades 3/26/2008
23. Caroline. 3/26/2008
24. Boxes. 3/26/2008
25. Tibet. Easter Weekend. 3/26/2008
26. Who Am I? 3/26/2008
27. My Ex Wife. 3/26/2008
28. Savour 3/1/2008
29. Meditations Of A Soldier 3/13/2008
30. Paddy 3/13/2008
31. History 3/24/2008
32. Ray On Cats 3/24/2008
33. Goodbye Charlton Heston 4/23/2008
34. Fairy Queen 5/11/2008
35. Stapled Rocks 5/11/2008
36. The Earthquake Trilogy. A Mothers Sacrifice. 6/20/2008
37. The Earthquake Trilogy. The Worthy Teacher. 6/20/2008
38. Life And Death. 6/20/2008
39. Appalachia, Applachia. 6/20/2008
40. Cultivating Love And Fruit. (Parental Advisory) 6/20/2008

Comments about Res John Burman

  • John Sadler (1/21/2019 10:35:00 AM)

    Dear John Burman - I'd like to use your poem in my forthcoming book on Gurkha's, could we discuss copyright -

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  • Craig Anderson Craig Anderson (9/27/2012 8:03:00 AM)

    He is also a very very nice gentleman! :)


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  • Lenny Wong (9/3/2012 7:53:00 AM)

    Hi John,
    I never imagine that you are a great poem writer beside as a great photographer.
    You got great and beautiful poems and I have saved a copy of your E-book!

    Take care John and write more beautiful poems!


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Best Poem of Res John Burman

Better To Go Barefoot

Better to go bare-foot,
Than wear that old soft shoe.
Be the altar of your own soul,
And let them come and worship you!

You wear your torment and your pain,
Like an old soft shoe,
And so you live again, again,
The things that damage you.

Upon their altars you lay you down,
For them to cut and rend,
Time to throw off the thorny crown,
And change the pattern, Friend.

Take charge of your own journey,
You are your only traffic cop,
You only do it over and over,
Until the day you stop!

Better to go bare-foot,
Than wear...

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The Servants Reply

I should point out that in this case the term 'servant' applies to one who serves, not necessarily to one who is sub-serviant.

I am Restless, breathless with desire,
Your studies have my skin on fire,
Each touch and slide with hand or knee,
Are fuelling fires deep in me.
I feel your gaze as you take in,
Every line from toe to chin.
I feel your breath upon my skin,

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