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Woke-hating Anglo-Canadian PhD philosopher, writes formal verse in English and occasionally French, specialising in iambic pentameter in its dominant forms of sonnet and heroic couplet.

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The Best Poem Of Richard Craven

Extract From My Ongoing Heroic Couplet Satire, The Wokeiad

Yet tarries not, but spreads again her wings,
Spangling the welkin with brown stinking things.
This time the demon's course is Eastward set,
Faster than snail but not as quick as jet,
O'er snow-capped mount, o'er desert vast and numb,
O'er palace, project, piggery and slum:
Terra incognita between the coasts
His ignorance of which the wokist boasts. 120
Wokeness now glides over Miami Beach
Where wellness gurus pseudoscience preach
To geriatric dentists and their wives,
Those wan asthmatic martyrs to the hives.
As whale road supercedes the prairie fields,
The nimbus builds and vanquished Helios yields.
Aeolus loosens now his knotted bag,
And the Anemoi from their prison drags.
Mild Zephyr cedes to Boreas the stage,
And Auster vies with Eurus in his rage. 130
Zeus flings his bolts and furiously raves,
And Lord Poseidon's trident moils the waves.
Wokeness remorselessly through wind and rain
Grinds o'er first Lusitania then Spain,
Where Helios in triumph late restored
Is by his sky-clad acolytes adored,
Then left at Benidorm and up the coast,
Where basting nudists on the playas roast.
Over the Pyrrenees to soaked Camargue,
The hinterland of France's nouvelle vague. 140
Next Paris, pantheon of po-mo spells,
A shrine to Foucault and to Foucault else:
The Tunis Gary Glitter, Humbert of
Bedouin boy, the freshman's Nabokov,
White polo-neck, bald head, perverted grin:
Glans penis peeping from its peeled foreskin,
Wokeness's Baptist John or Salomé
Traducer of epistemologé.

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