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Of Beauty

Let us use it while we may
Snatch those joys that haste away!
Earth her winter coat may cast,
And renew her beauty past:

Spring - (From Guarini)

Spring, the year's youth, fair mother of new flowers,
New leaves, new loves, drawn by the winged hours,
Thou art return'd; - but the felicity

A Rose

Blown in the morning, thou shalt fade ere noon.
What boots a life which in such haste forsakes thee?

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He was born in Ware Park, Hertfordshire, and educated at Jesus College, Cambridge. He travelled on the Continent, and when the English Civil War broke out sided with the King and was sent to Spain to obtain money for the cause. He acted as Latin Secretary to Charles II, when in Holland. He was a royalist in the English Civil War, and was captured a ...

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