Richard Lovelace

(1618-1657 / London / England)

Richard Lovelace Poems

1. Courante Monsieur 1/3/2003
2. To The Genius Of Mr. John Hall. On His Exact Translation Of 1/1/2004
3. An Anniversary On The Hymeneals Of My Noble Kinsman, Tho. S 1/1/2004
4. An Elegie. Princesse Katherine Borne, Christened, Buried, In One Day 12/31/2002
5. The Triumphs Of Philamore And Amoret. To The Noblest Of Our 1/1/2004
6. To My Worthy Friend Mr. Peter Lilly: On That Excellent Pict 1/1/2004
7. To My Noble Kinsman Thomas Stanley, Esq. On His Lyrick Poem 1/1/2004
8. To My Dear Friend Mr. E[ldred] R[evett]. On His Poems Moral 1/1/2004
9. An Elegie. Princesse Katherine Borne, Christened, Buried, I 1/1/2004
10. Depose Your Finger Of That Ring 1/3/2003
11. Cupid Far Gone 12/31/2002
12. Being Treated. To Ellinda 12/31/2002
13. Missing Title : Skey: La Bella Bona 12/31/2002
14. Theophile Being Deny'D His Addresses To King James, Turned 1/1/2004
15. To Lucasta, Her Reserved Looks 1/3/2003
16. To Lucasta, I Laugh And Sing 1/3/2003
17. To Lucasta. Her Reserved Looks. 12/31/2002
18. To My Truely Valiant, Learned Friend; Who In His Brooke Resolv'D The Art Gladiatory Into The Mathematicks 12/31/2002
19. Another 12/31/2002
20. In Allusion To The French Song. N'Entendez Vous Pas Ce Language 12/31/2002
21. Amyntor From Beyond The Sea To Alexis. A Dialogue 12/31/2002
22. Ellinda's Glove. Sonnet 12/31/2002
23. To Lucasta, Going Beyond The Seas 1/3/2003
24. An Elegie. On The Death Of Mrs. Cassandra Cotton, Only Sist 1/1/2004
25. Amyntor's Grove, His Chloris, Arigo, And Gratiana. An Elogie 12/31/2002
26. To Lucasta. The Rose. 12/31/2002
27. To My Worthy Friend Mr. Peter Lilly: On That Excellent Picture Of His Majesty And The Duke Of York, Drawne By Him At Hampton- Court 12/31/2002
28. Lucasta's World Epode 12/31/2002
29. Lucasta At The Bath. 12/31/2002
30. Clitophon And Lucippe Translated. To The Ladies 12/31/2002
31. Dialogue Lucasta, Alexis 12/31/2002
32. On The Death Of Mrs. Elizabeth Filmer. An Elegiacall Epitaph 12/31/2002
33. To My Noble Kinsman Thomas Stanley, Esq. On His Lyrick Poems Composed By Mr. John Gamble. 12/31/2002
34. To Lucasta. Going Beyond The Seas. 12/31/2002
35. A Prologue To The Scholars. A Comaedy Presented At The Whit 1/1/2004
36. Night. To Lucasta 12/31/2002
37. Ode 12/31/2002
38. Amarantha. A Pastorall 12/31/2002
39. Peinture. A Panegyrick To The Best Picture Of Friendship, M 1/1/2004
40. On The Best, Last, And Only Remaning Comedy Of Mr. Fletcher 1/1/2004

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Best Poem of Richard Lovelace

A Fly Caught In A Cobweb

Small type of great ones, that do hum
Within this whole world's narrow room,
That with a busie hollow noise
Catch at the people's vainer voice,
And with spread sails play with their breath,
Whose very hails new christen death.
Poor Fly, caught in an airy net,
Thy wings have fetter'd now thy feet;
Where, like a Lyon in a toyl,
Howere thou keep'st a noble coyl,
And beat'st thy gen'rous breast, that o're
The plains thy fatal buzzes rore,
Till thy all-bellyd foe (round elf)
Hath quarter'd thee within himself.

Was it not better once to play
I' th' ...

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Mart. Lib. I. Epi. 14.

MART. LIB. I. EPI. 14.

Casta suo gladium cum traderet Arria Paeto,
Quem de visceribus traxerat ipsa suis;
Si qua fides, vulnus quod feci non dolet, inquit:
Sed quod tu facies, hoc mihi, Paete, dolet.


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