Richard Lovelace

(1618-1657 / London / England)

Richard Lovelace Poems

41. To Lucasta, Like The Sentinel Stars 1/3/2003
42. In Virgilium. Pentadii. 12/31/2002
43. Lucasta's Fanne, With A Looking- Glasse In It 12/31/2002
44. Item 12/31/2002
45. Love Inthron'D 1/3/2003
46. To Lucasta, The Rose 1/3/2003
47. To Lucasta Ode Lyrick 12/31/2002
48. The Vintage To The Dungeon 1/3/2003
49. Sonnet 12/31/2002
50. The Duell 12/31/2002
51. A La Chabot 12/31/2002
52. A La Bourbon. Done Moy Plus De Pitie Ou Plus De Creaulte, Car Sans Ci Ie Ne Puis Pas Viure, Ne Morir 1/1/2004
53. A Guiltlesse Lady Imprisoned: After Penanced. Song 12/31/2002
54. Sonnet. To Generall Goring, After The Pacification At Berwicke. A La Chabot. 12/31/2002
55. In Mine One Monument I Lye 1/3/2003
56. Lucasta Weeping 12/31/2002
57. Strive Not, Vain Lover 1/3/2003
58. Oreheus To Beasts 12/31/2002
59. Song 12/31/2002
60. To The Genius Of Mr. John Hall. On His Exact Translation Of Hierocles His Comment Upon The Golden Verses Of Pythagoras. 12/31/2002
61. Female Glory 12/31/2002
62. Sonnet. To Generall Goring, After The Pacification At Berwi 1/1/2004
63. The Faire Begger 12/31/2002
64. Oreheus To Woods 12/31/2002
65. Lucasta Laughing 1/3/2003
66. Lucasta Paying Her Obsequies To The Chast Memory Of My Dearest Cosin Mrs. Bowes Barne[s] 12/31/2002
67. To Ellinda, That Lately I Have Not Written 12/31/2002
68. The Epilogue 12/31/2002
69. Gratiana Dancing 1/4/2003
70. Floridi. De Ebrioso 12/31/2002
71. Song. 12/31/2002
72. To Lucasta, From Prison 1/3/2003
73. To Chloe, Courting Her For His Friend 12/31/2002
74. To Lucasta. Going To The Warres. 12/31/2002
75. Princesse Loysa Drawing 12/31/2002
76. Lucasta, Taking The Waters At Tunbridge. 12/31/2002
77. To Dr. F. B[eale]; On His Book Of Chesse. 12/31/2002
78. Upon The Curtain Of Lucasta's Picture, It Was Thus Wrought 1/3/2003
79. Out Of The Anthologie 12/31/2002
80. Theophile Being Deny'D His Addresses To King James, Turned The Affront To His Own Glory In This Epigram 12/31/2002

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Best Poem of Richard Lovelace

" To His Fairest Valentine Mrs. A. L.

"Come, pretty birds, present your lays,
And learn to chaunt a goddess praise;
Ye wood-nymphs, let your voices be
Employ'd to serve her deity:
And warble forth, ye virgins nine,
Some music to my Valentine.

"Her bosom is love's paradise,
There is no heav'n but in her eyes;
She's chaster than the turtle-dove,
And fairer than the queen of love:
Yet all perfections do combine
To beautifie my Valentine.

"She's Nature's choicest cabinet,
Where honour, beauty, worth and wit
Are all ...

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De Scaevola.


Lictorem pro rege necans nunc mutius ultro
Sacrifico propriam concremat igne manum:
Miratur Porsenna virum, paenamque relaxans
Maxima cum obscessis faedera a victor init,
Plus flammis patriae confert quam fortibus armis,
Una domans bellum funere dextra sua.

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