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August is a blue haze of
ripened fields,
hurried over by swarming pickers
this year of plenty. The Rakers eye

Sidewalks are community minded
their cement fingers meandering from
house to cat-on-porch home
bringing people together


Blackness is surrounded
by sky. Time

When Love Surrounds

Show the atmosphere
of your heart and

Thunder disturbed a mirage of peace; lightning painting
the sky, and his head felt severed from an explosion -

He was like an irregular lump on the hospital mattress

The wind is a whorl of movement
frisky alongside an ancient trail
marking time on Autumn
leaves once clumped in an estate

Today is a slide of
wind, soothing as stream's
cascading surge

fog murmurs a parade of kisses
alongside hungry hills
like a web without spiders
upon mountain slides

In South Africa hyenas
signal they
too are part of
this precious landscape

Eyes peer from three storied giants
ancient stone men, Moais

look at how the tourists gawk,

No stone throwing children
will die tonight
in the war of Middle East

A sickness in their eyes.
Hanging fists clench
and unclench
watching my eyes of fear.

me now. This wrinkled flesh,
all the mis-steps
in my slurring dialogue

Sidewalk's neon sign overcomes twilight
- its torchlight showing flashy wares
in our modern society - - muscle
cars and 30-story glass towers

Thirst is an impediment
for hooves
across the Sahara,
eyes as stars

Winding wheels whistle
across steel, coaches shaking,
in interruptions of rest, on

I trod upon the path this day, a place
of respite beneath the sun
from where I wished to quench my soul.

My needs were met, a great sleep to renew
strength and overcome yesterday's
demands for my attention; went shopping
and found a stranger, now my friend -

opposes debris under bridges,
a panhandler on
the floor of a creek bed

The sky is almost out
of stars to wish upon as I climbed
through life then shuffled
into the twilight of my years.

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53Richard L. Provencher E-mail: Richard L. Provencher has many story-poems published Online and in Print. His writing is about everyday situations and his work gives voice to the not so noticeable. He and his wife, Esther live in Truro, Nova Scotia and are married since March 27,1975. They are co-Authors of numerous e-Books. A Direct Link to their Author Page on is: http: // Richard was a member of the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia for many years, until his stroke in 1999. He had been a Writer-in-the-Schools Program under their auspices for eleven years. Esther enjoys art-painting, and her church work. Richard enjoys writing poetry, as he continues to recover from side effects of his Brain Aneurysm, which gob-smacked him in 1999. Esther & Richard Provencher created many of their stories & novels from experiences in raising four children, as well as being foster & adopting parents. Richard was born in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. Esther was born in Cape Spear, New Brunswick. They were married in Sarnia, Ontario and later moved to Wyoming, Ontario in 1980 and then to Truro, Nova Scotia, in 1986. *)

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Blueberry Picking

August is a blue haze of
ripened fields,
hurried over by swarming pickers
this year of plenty. The Rakers eye
profits with stiffened backs,
juice-stained hands their colour
of success, bodies browned by the sun.
They scoop in delight, white
and blue buckets filled
to overflowing-

In my return to this land I can
smell the burning fields and
see their scorched October attire.
Once a breezy sea of blue
fertilized by bumblebees, now
picked clean from summer marauders.

See the fire, the scent of
tortured fields. Renewal is a
flaming serenade supervised
by accountants, anxious
for this cash crop to return
in bountiful supply.
In the shadow of another season
winter's frost chases about.

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Richard Provencher Popularity

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