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And what part of his reflection will tell me who I am,
that I am standing a little away, wanting in on his story?

The Wooden Overcoat

It turns out there's a difference between a detail
and an image. If the dandelion on the sidewalk is
mere detail, the dandelion inked on a friend's bicep
is an image because it moves when her body does,

Psalm With A Phrase From Beckett

The boulder that is bigger than a house,
perched on the edge of another boulder, painted gold
and prayed to by monks in saffron robes.

Reading Plato

I think about the mornings it saved me
to look at the hearts penknifed on the windows
of the bus, or at the initials scratched


Scintillas of the anatomical
on the vines, buds opening—
make me a figure
for the woken.

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Rick Barot was born in the Philippines and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He attended Wesleyan University, the Iowa Writers' Workshop, and Stanford University, where he was a Stegner Fellow in Poetry and later a Jones Lecturer in Poetry.
Barot’s first collection of poetry, The Darker Fall (2002), received the Kathryn A. Morton Prize in Poe ...

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