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1. Red Company 9/17/2012
2. House Cleaners & Closet Dwellers 9/17/2012
3. Gods And Guns 9/18/2012
4. I Think Of You When It Rains 9/18/2012
5. I'M Like The Moth 9/18/2012
6. Where She Used To Sew 9/18/2012
7. Drowning 9/18/2012
8. Trapped Thoughts 9/18/2012
9. Alcoholism 9/17/2012
10. Lucidity 9/17/2012
11. Night-Owlry 9/18/2012
12. Beautiful Stranger 9/17/2012
13. Holding My Breath 9/18/2012
14. Unusuality 9/17/2012
15. The Walk Home 9/18/2012
16. House On Fire 9/17/2012
17. A Rose For Agnes Teggerdine 9/1/2012

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A Rose For Agnes Teggerdine

I brought a rose from home one day, for Agnes Teggerdine
For out of our whole class she was indeed the most fine
She had all the other fourth grade boys waiting in line
But it was I who held the white rose that would surely make her mine

So, I walked on up to her as I was feeling quite gutsy
Said, 'I got this for you, Agnes, and my, you sure look lovely'
And as she was about to speak, she seemed to be real' bubbly
But when the teacher crushed the rose it all sure ended suddenly

Now Agnes looked sad, just as I had, but oh, how she'd soon forget ...

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Red Company

Red company marches in
I scream! I'm livid!
This can't happen again!
In my room,
Here they are
Where they've been before
The hooded men I see -
Again, are locking the door
I'm strapped -

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