Ro'in Mao Poems

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Midnight Muse

With night-hued shadows dance the silver strips
Of lovely Mistress Moon's visage ashine.
The crickets sing the fairness of her lips,
Their strings lay praise in rows out line by line.


My darling babe,

Do not let the nightlings
Bug you again now,

Little Odd World

Welcome to this little odd world
Where your words are without weight,
Where what you work writhes in its rate,
And want-ward wending impearled.

The Revel-Table

I peer into the park, the revel-table
Sitting on the grass where memories are made.
I feel the breeze brushing in the gambols
Throughout the throngs of shrubby shade.

Black Cat

There once was a grunt so doubtlessly fair,
Black cats came out of his mouth with much flair.
They spread far and wide
On Earth's every side,

Go On, O Ash

Go on, o ash—dye all thy grey,
And leave the naked wind to say
'Farewell', to sing low in the deep
A song of rest, or endless sleep.

A Pawn's Muse

Thy bitterness, again to me it calls
With naughty fingers and so sweet a voice,
In-soaking all my heart's unsavoury galls
And gets to me enthralled—far gone is choice.


Waiting… waiting…
People passing…
Odours wafting...
Fading… fading…

What Am I?

What am I but a shadow of time,
An end of other powers memorized?
I am a grain of sand taken by the tidal flows
'Til I'm beached upon the rocky shore

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