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Back in 1971 while I was looking for some fun I happened by this little town and took some time to look around. . There was an air about the place. People had smiles upon their faces. Folks I didn't even know would take the time to say hello. . This area was rich it seems with woods and forests, lakes and streams. People showed joy and elation cuz they were all on vacation. . This is where they came to play when they had to get away. A place to relax and unwind and leave their city life behind. . I thought, 'Here is the life for me. This is where I want to be. Where peace and happiness abound, on holiday all year around'. . Lived in a van out in the woods. Made friends in my new neighborhood. Partied 'round the fire at night. Chased the girls by fire light. . I bought a cabin small but sweet with outhouse and wood stove for heat. A pitcher pump outside the door. I's feelin' rich but livin' poor. . It didn't take long to decide the plumbing should be brought inside. Added a bath and kitchen sink. My life improved ten fold I think. . The memories of all the fun in, that little cabin I was young in. Runnin' wild and livin' free. Those days still mean a lot to me. . One day I felt the wander lust, decided right then that I must go see the world and look around before I finally settle down. . 'Twas my fortune and good luck to have a camper on my truck. I packed my bags and moved inside and started on a little ride. . I spent some time down in the Keys. Went west to hang out with hippies in the California sun. Then up to rainy Oregon. . Three years passed I came back home, no longer any urge to roam. Had a girlfriend by my side..... eventually to be my bride. . That was 27 years ago. My god where did the time all go? It seems our lives have just begun. Time flies when you are having fun. . A lot of changes in that time. Built our new house in '89. A slice of heaven we did make here on the shore of Indian Lake. . This final verse can't yet be written. Until it can we'll go on livin'. Still young of heart our love aglow as it was 27 years ago.)

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My heart is like a wild bird
and that's the reason why
this is the time to take my rhyme
and bid you all good-bye.

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Jan Montgomery (Brann) 16 June 2021

How are you? Perhaps we can have a visit this year?

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Anna Rose 02 January 2008

I really like your poetry and the reality of the fairy tales. My forensics coach selected two of your pieces for my, I guess you can call it, 'act'. I was really hoping that you could send me some brief history on yourself for my intro and permission to use your poems. Thanks! -Anna

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