Robert Herrick

(1591-1674 / London / England)

Robert Herrick Poems

81. The Wassail 12/31/2002
82. To Silvia 12/31/2002
83. To Daisies, Not To Shut So Soon 12/31/2002
84. The Transfiguration 12/31/2002
85. To His Paternal Country 12/31/2002
86. The Present; Or, The Bag Of The Bee: 12/31/2002
87. To His Sweet Saviour 12/31/2002
88. The Bubble: A Song 12/31/2002
89. Good Precepts, Or Counsel 12/31/2002
90. To The Genius Of His House 12/31/2002
91. To Music, To Becalm His Fever 12/31/2002
92. The Shower Of Blossoms 12/31/2002
93. Purposes 12/31/2002
94. To Primroses Filled With Morning Dew 12/31/2002
95. To Oenone. 12/31/2002
96. Ceremony Upon Candlemas Eve 12/31/2002
97. How Pansies Or Hearts-Ease Came First 12/31/2002
98. His Wish To God 12/31/2002
99. The Parcae; Or, Three Dainty Destinies:The Armilet 12/31/2002
100. The Heart 12/31/2002
101. How Springs Came First 12/31/2002
102. To Music, To Becalm A Sweet Sick Youth 12/31/2002
103. The Wounded Heart 12/31/2002
104. The Cruel Maid 12/31/2002
105. To Perllla 12/31/2002
106. Casualties 12/31/2002
107. His Mistress To Him At His Farewell 12/31/2002
108. Peace Not Permanent 12/31/2002
109. Litany To The Holy Spirit 1/4/2003
110. Another Grace For A Child 12/31/2002
111. To His Kinswoman, Mistress Susanna Herrick 12/31/2002
112. To Be Merry 12/31/2002
113. The Dirge Of Jephthah's Daughter:Sung By The Virgins 12/31/2002
114. His Prayer For Absolution 12/31/2002
115. His Desire 12/31/2002
116. The Old Wives' Prayer 12/31/2002
117. His Loss 12/31/2002
118. Ceremonies For Candlemas Eve 12/31/2002
119. The Cheat Of Cupid; Or, The Ungentle Guest 12/31/2002
120. The Fairy Temple; Or, Oberon's Chapel 12/31/2002

Comments about Robert Herrick

  • Nasir manal (8/19/2018 3:30:00 AM)

    He also wrote the Daffodils You are spose to enter this information too Ok

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  • Nasir (8/19/2018 3:28:00 AM)

    Robert Herrick also wrote Daffodils

  • andy shoebridge (4/26/2018 12:52:00 PM)

    I have a poem book by Robert herrick to dianeme is this book worth anything

  • Emma Shaw (12/8/2010 2:14:00 PM)

    I have just won a one euro bet that the name of this poem was to daffodils and not to the daffodils. It's a great poem, and nicer in my view than the much more famous wordsworth poem.

  • Cado Bell (10/12/2006 10:52:00 AM)

    Saw this poem on a crammed tube train in London about 30 years ago.
    had nowhere to look except at the angled adverts above. (alliteration unintended)
    -and it just stuck.

    Don't remember even learning it off.
    and now thanks to this wonderful website I found it again.

Best Poem of Robert Herrick


Here we are all, by day; by night we're hurl'd
By dreams, each one into a several world.

Read the full of Dreams

Pray And Prosper

First offer incense; then, thy field and meads
Shall smile and smell the better by thy beads.
The spangling dew dredged o'er the grass shall be
Turn'd all to mell and manna there for thee.
Butter of amber, cream, and wine, and oil,
Shall run as rivers all throughout thy soil.
Would'st thou to sincere silver turn thy mould?
--Pray once, twice pray; and turn thy ground to gold.

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