Robert Hiers

Robert Hiers Poems

1. I See Your Children In Your Eyes 6/22/2007
2. You Have A Room In My Heart 6/22/2007
3. Hands Like Feathers 6/22/2007
4. In My Head 7/13/2007
5. Where Are You? 7/15/2007
6. Fear Of A Name 8/4/2007
7. I Want To Be With You 11/27/2007
8. The Necklace 11/27/2007
9. Weather 12/9/2007
10. Remember Me 1/5/2008
11. The Candles Are Cold 2/22/2008
12. The Dance 6/20/2008
13. Sunset 7/7/2008
14. The Catch Light 3/21/2007
15. There Is A Line Between Love And Fascination 6/22/2007
16. Our Hammock 6/15/2008
17. I Want To Watch You Wake 1/15/2008
18. Tears 6/25/2007
19. I Want To Watch You Sleep 1/14/2008
20. Between Iron And Silver 6/22/2007
21. Waiting 12/9/2007
22. Italy 10/28/2007
23. If Beauty Was Earned 6/22/2007
24. Hope 6/22/2007
25. Always Kiss Me Goodnight 6/22/2007

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Best Poem of Robert Hiers

Between Iron And Silver

Stability with a lustrous shine
A hint of preciousness
Coursing through the stuff of life

Common as folks, rare as star shadows
Forged firmly in the flames of right
Cast into finery, befitting jewels

You are found between iron and silver,
Strong, stable, and beautiful

Inspired by a line in Hannibal, by Thomas Harris: “The most stable elements, Clarice, appear in the middle of the periodic table, roughly between iron and silver. Between iron and silver. That is appropriate for you, I think. “

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Hands Like Feathers

Hands like feathers
Toes on fire
I can’t believe I inspire
Feelings like this
In someone as wonderful as you

My heart jumps to see you
In any light, or none at all

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