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O'Walk With Old Cruxifix


O'Walk With Old Crucifix II
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Zu Eva
I am cold withered and wrenched repect them both, the ware the Crown, but I really warerth it, I ease down and lay in the drink and stillfuly wash I hear Guls and and nice things, so I feel nice and relaxed, I then ponde, way do I ponder and then into the hot warmth and light of a greateth light is my love, the comfort is fine, Yes I do need it. I need it so I sort rubb off the dirt, but it is still...... Dirt - I dont want honour the world, that is my refection and burdens heavey..! On my flesh, , iritates my bones and my is my opposite, but it is like a siren calling into me not as a womanly charmer at first, but as silly piece of red glass..... But has power of the goodlooking stone, then as a safe place to be in the sea, [where cannot always stay a float like her wire-like body only built to bust, with no bust or Blonde] and she with out love but with then a secomd charm womanly then just assets she tries to gave me Platium Charms like the secrets poetry tamborone or read meat and fine wines deep read Wine, so I say no do No she is really rough stupidity but not as respectful. Ha Ha, So she then becomes very real like a body and not just and evil thought of Evil Bittered Spirts, I can Almosttouch her, But alas she is just lie, I know she just looks good with my eyes and inside she is made of course..... Goatish hair (But as I write long after she was very real, I dont need to feel her coolness either she will chop her self in half, the goat died for nothing so....... What a pity, I have warm pillow and peace with my journey, is still long - but warm now and I can rest, as I lay turning to one side, pondering my body that feels feels fresh. I can feast with the Truth and a Real Women my eyes are now my own thank goodness I use them to look at other people as I used to and objects, I can look up to the starsand stare, was this world ever blood of wine I can sip a little.

The Innner Circle you do come again. You come again, with a Man whpo wates at the bottom of the StairsYou are so Cold but warm The breath is crisp I can smell you of Hard work, who points the Way but you look strange your arm is gives me a Sign I disappear un der the ice but one day your warmth is felt as you let go yout hair is blonde but strangely Beauatiful but I see sentiment in your eys and your srange Beauty, to women have poer and shock you can scream and give a un-understandable Crie but she Loves you all the same, to a man yoy are no strange you give a Kisss and he can Drink in Peace.
Das Mein Blom
The logs do burn, I can ran along the world and still I do not burn, burning is the heart cut from wood - I will carve his face on on my notch - my enemies run from me, they never stop, I make them laugh - they do cry. They keep me going, nay they just run and run and run out into a black grave, oh they wish for grey, there hopes are just so......

I love a rainbow ev ery colour looks of patchwork, a small house, a stream, a river, enegy life I will never be stopped, I can shed my filth, people can see but a the butter I can lick and they all lust, I can do anything, they beg for my crum they beg for a curve of my, even the insane batter, buth they will not get it, they will get it they can dig into my garden, they can laugh as I point downwards, the can lick my fire which reminds me of summer in a secret Blonde haired siren, they can see though my glare, they can laugh as they flute, they can look into my chest, they can spin in my heart. But I am the rain, And I am the promise, I am like soft good health and I am like the Nightmare of the bitter first thing, .Let me die not, so you will always be blest. The sun is yellow but it is always on you let me be the the thought of a cool mercy and you will alway pierce me.


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