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don't go too soon
don't leave too soon
don't judge too soon
don't lie too soon

Pattaya is a nice place
There is joy for everyone
without Pattaya
joy would be gone

Value is beauty
value is fame
value goes around
value is game

Victory is hope
It is a goal
Without victory
No meaning at all

mon désir
est toujours la même, partout où la vie
dépôts moi:
Je veux mettre mon pied

what do you think

what do you think

Tell me all
Tell me all about action
They used to say
What happens in aksaray stays in aksaray

It is about time now
No more lamp
No more noise

Who says there is no tears?
who says there is no fears?
who says there is no pears?
I say there is no sugar


Hola amigo
how are you
como esta usted
bien gracias

hey sexy lady
i'd like to party
until the moonlight
since everybody is gone

who is canpare?
where does she come from?
who eats it?
is it delicious?

Once upon in a time of happiness
NTC pops open an interesting offer
Not tea actually it is coffee
What shall we do now?

Haven't I told you that being alone is not the answer?
So, let's go home.
Let's forget everything.
Enjoy the rest of our lives.

Kaybet bu öfkeni,
İçinde sakladığın.
Terk et o derdini,
Benden almadığın.

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I was born in New Jersey.)

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Too Soon

don't go too soon
don't leave too soon
don't judge too soon
don't lie too soon

don't feel too soon
don't tear too soon
don't shake too soon
don't fake too soon

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Best Of Istanbul 08 January 2016

hes a pattaya boy. young boyy...

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Mehmet Turgut 05 August 2015

vay kardeşim benim. nörin?

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Metin Sahin 22 June 2014


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being smart doesn't always help you

başkası olma kendin ol böyle çok daha güzelsin

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