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Native Scenery

Nor do I of that isle remember aught
Of prospect more sublime and beautiful.
Than Scotia's northern battlement of hills,

The Course Of Time. Book I.

Eternal Spirit! God of truth! to whom
All things seem as they are; thou who of old
The prophet's eye unscaled, that nightly saw,

The Course Of Time. Book Ii.

Thus said, he waked the golden harp, and thus,
While on him inspiration breathed, began.
As from yon everlasting hills, that gird


Much beautiful, and excellent, and fair,
Was seen beneath the sun; but nought was seen
More beautiful, or excellent, or fair,

Musings -- From The Course Of Time

Pleasant were many scenes, but most to me
The solitude of vast extent, untouched
By hand of art, where Nature sowed, herself,

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Robert Pollok (c. 1798 – 15 September 1827) was a Scottish poet best known for The Course of Time, published the year of his death.

Pollok was born at North Moorhouse Farm, Loganswell Renfrewshire, Scotland. Sources differ on the exact year of his birth, some giving 1789, some 1798, and some 1799. He studied at the University of Glasgow for the ...

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