Robert Silliman Hillyer

(1895-1961 / East Orange, New Jersey)

Robert Silliman Hillyer Poems

1. VII. 'How strange it is that thine ethereal grace' 4/4/2016
2. VI. 'How should I think of thee but with delight?' 4/4/2016
3. III. 'Then judge me as thou wilt, I cannot flee' 4/4/2016
4. XXXII. 'Thou only wert my hope, and thou art gone' 4/4/2016
5. II. 'The golden spring redeems the withered year' 4/4/2016
6. XII. 'I will fling wide the windows of my soul' 4/4/2016
7. XVI. 'Even as love grows more, I write the less' 4/4/2016
8. XXII. 'Fly, joyous wind, through all the wakened earth' 4/4/2016
9. XXX. 'Who follows Love shall walk in outland places' 4/4/2016
10. X. 'Let those who love hear me; I speak as one' 4/4/2016
11. XXVII. 'About the headlands and the rocky shoals' 4/4/2016
12. XIX. 'Although the spring is hastening to pursue' 4/4/2016
13. XI. 'We have come back to one another; yes' 4/4/2016
14. XIII. 'Poor faltering lines, my weary soul's relief' 4/4/2016
15. IV. 'To make my days impatient with unrest' 4/4/2016
16. I. 'Quickly and pleasantly the seasons blow' 4/4/2016
17. XVII. 'Voice that art life to me, I almost hear' 4/4/2016
18. XX. 'To walk beside the river in the dawn' 4/4/2016
19. XXVIII. 'The insurgent sea sweeps through the barrier' 4/4/2016
20. XXIII. 'Over the waters but a single bough' 4/4/2016
21. V. 'I cannot yet admit unchecked despair' 4/4/2016
22. IX. 'I love devoutly; thou shalt seek for long' 4/4/2016
23. XXIV. 'There was a boy in some forgotten spring' 4/4/2016
24. XXVI. 'What though the night be dissonant with rain' 4/4/2016
25. XXI. 'Two lovers stood alone beneath the night' 4/4/2016
26. XXIX. 'Speak not of waning love and changing days' 4/4/2016
27. XV. 'How oft the traitor trumpet sounds retreat' 4/4/2016
28. VIII. 'The rising deluges of circumstance' 4/4/2016
29. XIV. 'Let all men see the ruins of the shrine' 4/4/2016
30. XXV. 'Now would that thou wert here, my happiness' 4/4/2016
31. XVIII. 'Lovely art thou, and everything of thine' 4/4/2016
32. XXXIII. 'If in some fair Elysian seclusion' 4/4/2016
33. XXXI. 'Only last night we dwelt together, we' 4/4/2016
34. XXXIV. 'Long after both of us are scattered dust' 4/4/2016
35. Lullaby 4/4/2016

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Best Poem of Robert Silliman Hillyer

VI. 'How should I think of thee but with delight?'

How should I think of thee but with delight?
How should I greet thy face but with a smile?
And yet dark tears within my heart defile
The dreams of thee that I would have so bright.
If thou shouldst come and end this lonely while,
These leaden hours of the sleepless night,
Still should I fear to show thee what I write,
Lest I repent in vain, and thou revile.

Yet couldst thou read these scriptures of my heart,
Graven in passion with no base control,
For one brief moment, then, they might impart
Some almost worthy offering from my soul.
I write for thee, ...

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The long canoe
Toward the shadowy shore,
One . . . two . . .
Three . . . four . . .
The paddle dips,
Turns in the wake,
Pauses, then
Forward again,
Water drips

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