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(our Veterans) An Observation And Thought

We once were many and now we are few.
As strands of our graying heads thin and fall to the ground,
So passes the veterans, "our comrades."
Home to their appointed destiny.

And Were Ye At Duntocher Burn

And were ye at Duntocher burn,
And did ye see them a', man?
And how's my wifie and the bairns?
I hae been lang awa', man.

Friendship Remembrance

Life would be lonely without them.
Where would we be without our friends?
They enrich our lives beyond measure.
And are far more valued than gold or treasure.


I dream, do you?
It's the natural thing to do.
Dreams have not limits, there's wrongs and rights,
You can live a lifetime in the short hours of the nights.

The Braes O' Gleniffer

Keen blaws the wind o'er the Braes o' Gleniffer.
The auld castle's turrets are cover'd wi' snaw;
How chang'd frae the time when I met wi' my lover

Robert Tannahill Comments

Jessica Uttinger 30 August 2018

My dear friend Kim Cruikshank is his great great niece and we visited a statue of him erected in Paisley, Scotland. So happy to find some of his poetry!

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Bill Wright 06 August 2018

Robert Tannahill has got NOTHING to do with Franklin Illinois. He was born and died, on the years shown, in Paisley, Scotland and a number of his poems are written about Paisley and its surrounding area.

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