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An alumna of Iowa’s International Writing Program (2015) , and Charles Wallace Writer’s fellowship (2017) , Rochelle Potkar is the author of The Arithmetic of breasts and other stories, Four Degrees of Separation, Paper Asylum. Her poems The girl from Lal Bazaar was shortlisted for the Gregory O' Donoghue International Poetry Prize,2018; Place won ...

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Knotted Inside Me

At the time of my birth, my small town Kalyan, did not have a library.

It had no road rage, few beggars, one defunct traffic signal at Murbad Road,
and fewer cars.

Biscooti Love

Memory is… images of a prepubescent boy cycling home,
Parag milk packets in one of his arms,
feeding biscuits to a stray gaggle of brown dogs, wagging their shins.

Native Place

Goa is a leitmotif of childhood May holidays
A quartet of perspiring aunts cirlicuing their liquid syllables

Small washed rooms opening to orchestras of husk and coir

Sick Bed

Not remembering sleep or the winter of her skin
she dozes and wakes, taking away your burning
with the single-most thought of
salt-water towels on your back and forehead

Sculptor Of Radiance

Light over sea, beach light, window light, moonlight,
jaguar-eyed moments,
cloud-bitten biscuit suns,
large white bed sheets…

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17 April 2019

If a day is a life, a word is a story.

17 April 2019

relationships die before a person. relationships outlive a person.

17 April 2019

If you don't go for their book launches, they won't come to yours. If you don't go to their funerals, they won't come to yours.

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