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The brain of a new born baby
all new and freshly made.
Empty of all knowledge and thought.
Open to the world for all import.

The sky.
Is it Blue or is it Green?
It has to be looked at to be seen.
Even then I'm not to sure.


When I was thin, life was fun.
When I was thin, girls looked at me.
When I was thin, clothes fitted me.
When I was thin, I could run.


She lay's in the crook of my arm.
Vunerable, fragile, asleep.
She stir's.
Muscles tighten, I feel her strength,

When I first laid eyes on her,
my breath stopped!
When I first saw her,
the world stood still!


I miss my Father,
My Dad.
Out of the blue, he came into my mind today.
I was working away, quietly on my own.

My life's in a heap at the side of my bed!
' It's going in a skip the moment your dead'
There's another pile by the side of my chair.
'that will be gone the moment your no longer there'

She fills me with joy
She fills me with glee
But somewhere inside her
lurkes a small part of me! ! !

When we first met,
I was invisible. 'you made no eye contact! '.
When we first met,
I did'nt exist. 'It was asif I was'nt there! '.


It's strange how Bob and me are friends.
We come from completely different ends.
We are as completely opposite as two people can get.
Maybe thats the secret? .

I work for a man who own's a farm.
I work for a man with a stable FULL of horses.
I work for a man who own's a resturant.
I work for a man who own's three Lexus's (one for him, one for her, one for HER horse) .

When your necessary,
You'r usefull.
When your no longer necessary.
You might as well go you'r no longer of any use.

MY Mother had this mean trick.
Home from school, hungry, tired, dirty.

I know Im good, bloody good
Better than the rest.
If you want to wind me up
We can put it to the test.

I know your spoken for
So am I
Enough to make this grown man cry
But as I watch you from afar

A burden to thee
I will not be.
This I hope will set
thee free.

Cally Belle is a clever girl.
She works and plays so very hard.

Her Mum's a tyrent and drives

The love's of my life came by today,
Joseph and Jessica came out to play.
The fun was noisy, joyfull and mad,
When they left I was really sad.

Poor demented creature
mind completely gone.
But the struggle for life
goes on and on and on.

Each time a relative passes away,
I move up the Death List that very same day.
Month after Month I move nearer the top.
There is only one way It will ever stop.

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Iv'e been written things like this for year, s. On little scaps of paper. Once they were down on paper I would throw them away! A whole lifetime of thoughts thrown away! They come to me at strange times of the day and night. First thing in the morning most'ly.I feel like Im writting things under false pretences.I always have a sence of guilt afterward. Maybe thats why I destroyed so many? ....... Since I've last written. I've survived CANCER. I've survived COVIDE. I'VE survived a nasty fall, seven stitches in my face! . Surviving isolation and shielding! . Maybe I can write again? ? ?)

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The brain of a new born baby
all new and freshly made.
Empty of all knowledge and thought.
Open to the world for all import.

Even of knowldge of somebody dead
falling into this little head.
If strong enough taking command.
Later on making a demand.

There again this baby could collect
little bits and so suspect.
It has been here many times before
thinking Reincarnation is the law.

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'Have you had money problems'. No I tell them. I've never had any money to have problems with.

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