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The brain of a new born baby
all new and freshly made.
Empty of all knowledge and thought.
Open to the world for all import.

Sky Colour

The sky.
Is it Blue or is it Green?
It has to be looked at to be seen.
Even then I'm not to sure.


When I was thin, life was fun.
When I was thin, girls looked at me.
When I was thin, clothes fitted me.
When I was thin, I could run.


She lay's in the crook of my arm.
Vunerable, fragile, asleep.
She stir's.
Muscles tighten, I feel her strength,


When I first laid eyes on her,
my breath stopped!
When I first saw her,
the world stood still!

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18 June 2021

'Have you had money problems'. No I tell them. I've never had any money to have problems with.

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Iv'e been written things like this for year, s. On little scaps of paper. Once they were down on paper I would throw them away! A whole lifetime of thoughts thrown away! They come to me at strange times of the day and night. First thing in the morning most'ly.I feel like Im writting things under false pretences.I always have a sence of guilt afterw ...

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