Rohan Roy

Rookie (03-07-1992 / Kolkata)

Rohan Roy Poems

1. The Moon Is Burning 12/15/2011
2. Let Me Belong To Her 1/28/2013
3. Speak Quietly 12/1/2010
4. The Red Sky 12/15/2011
5. Life 10/28/2010
6. Cricket 10/28/2010
7. That Unknown Girl 11/8/2010
8. Unpoetic 10/28/2010
9. I Have Seen The Rain 11/20/2010
10. Humpty Dumpty Remix 10/27/2010
11. Your Love 2/28/2012
12. Foolish Me(Sonnet) 2/25/2012
13. If You'Re Not There(Certain Things Only Indians, Rather Only Bengalis Would Understand) 2/25/2012
14. Change 10/31/2010
15. Dead Love 11/9/2010
16. Ode To An Unknown Friend 11/10/2010
17. Fading Love 11/10/2010
18. Absurd Mind 11/8/2010
19. Born Atheist 10/28/2010
20. Football - The Most Beautiful Game 10/27/2010
21. Unknown Lover 11/8/2010
22. Tune Of The Violin 10/27/2010
Best Poem of Rohan Roy

Tune Of The Violin

Hearing the soft tune play
you will be rejoiced on a busy day
some may not like it but some may
the sound of violin will take your stress away

The soft tune will pass with the wind
it will have an everlasting effect on the mind
all the chords together are bind
it can even make a cruel man kind

When you're lonely hear it for sometime
the sound itself will beautifully rhyme
you cannot see the sound, its like a mime
but you can feel it for a long period of time

The sound may not make you groove
It may not make you dance or move
But it will ...

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Born Atheist

Hindu, Muslim, Jews, Christian
There are too many to list
But yet i prefer being
a born atheist

But that doesnt mean
I dont know about them
Otherwise it is really
a matter of shame

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