Rohit Sapra Poems

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I Am Gay In My Feelings

I am gay in my feelings
I feel very girly and some call people like me as sissy
I like men who are manly and tough in nature
I like the man to dominate me as it makes me feel good

I Wish To Be Loved

I wish to be loved
Would a black man ever love me?
I am so fond of black man
I will lick the man because I want to feel him

I Feel Like Being Of A Man

I feel like being of a man
That man will love me and will make me feel girly
He will kiss me and spend time with me
I will let him control me

Being Sensitive

Being sensitive is good thing
I am really emotional
My heart smiles again through emotions
Through gentle emotions in cute ways

Need And Desire

I want a man to be my friend
His lasting friendship I require
I need a man to care and kiss me a lot
His kisses will add smiles and I will always rest next to him

Feelings For Man

Feeling so much for a man because I have always felt for men. I have hidden feelings in my heart for man. Love is very hard to find and love of a decent man is really very rare. Someone, who cares about you and he will hold me in his arms by kissing everywhere.
kissing lips to lips as he slowly licks and sucks on my lips and then he will gently rub on my back. His hands will touch my butt and gently he will grab them to play with me.


Love is sweet and when it is true then it matters even more
Man can take me to bed
Me and him will remove our clothes
He will ask me to bend over and then he will climb on top of me


I have a body which is chubby
Many have made fun of me because I am fat
I like my fat body and that is something which God has given me
I cannot blame God ever, even if people do tease me about it


Kissing a man whom I dream about
Hugging a man whom I often think about
He will hug me in his arms
I will cherish the hug which he will give me as a memory of love to be.

Dark Men

I like dark men
I have always liked dark men as attractive
I know it is normal to feel that
I may sound racist but I like darker men more than that of lighter complexion