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1. Silence 7/4/2007
2. Hackneyed Signal 7/4/2007
3. So Unfair 7/4/2007
4. Whose Dark Skin Shines 6/27/2007
5. The Eagle 8/9/2007
6. I Held The Wire 8/10/2007
7. Cold Sun In The Summer 8/10/2007
8. Pun Of Her 8/10/2007
9. Am Your Brother Despite 8/10/2007
10. Besides The Death 8/10/2007
11. So For Once 7/11/2007
12. They Look Down On Us 8/10/2007
13. I Will Write 8/15/2007
14. She Walked To Me 8/15/2007
15. You Too Will Die My Friend 12/18/2012
16. They Say That She Is Scared 12/19/2012
17. Nyonjo 12/20/2012
18. Somber Was The Day 12/21/2012
19. We Are Persuaded Of Great Things 1/3/2013
20. For Baby, Oh Baby 1/4/2013
21. It's Now 1/9/2013
22. Memories Of The War 1/10/2013
23. But With No Strength For Word 1/15/2013
24. Little By Little 1/24/2013
25. Past Swaying Breeze 3/20/2013
26. Dance To The Clouds 3/21/2013
27. Facing It Another Day 3/25/2013
28. Find That Line 3/25/2013
29. Golden 3/25/2013
30. I Will Die Young 6/21/2013
31. Why Then Speak In Tongues? 6/21/2013
32. Muwala Wa Hajji 7/3/2015
33. For Me To Pull 6/27/2007
34. Those Who Hold Us By The Hands 8/9/2007
35. Roses Too Have Thorns 7/11/2007
36. Death Cast A Shadow 1/21/2013
37. Blue Love 6/27/2007
38. Travel With Me 12/13/2012
39. Home, Sweet Home, 3/26/2013

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Home, Sweet Home,

Home, sweet home,

Home, sweet home,
There near the brown water river
Tinted with a few green algae
There besides purple jacaranda, pink and yellow tulip
Yellowing buffalo grass on the far side near the granary
Caladiums with unique pink and in the middle and green on the side
Home sweet home,
And I will never see such home again

There where we skipped the rope and played duulu
There where we had fun even when we had no costly toys
There were there was no hypocrisy, no worries, no sorrows,
Only joy in the home sweet home
The sun rose in the Far...

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Whose Dark Skin Shines

Well, this is where we dwell
Where the green grass paint in the rains
And the falling yellow rays fall in thier reign
So then the leavy grean begin to pale
And I whose dark skin shines with sweat
Tress for all the marks that move me straight
For what still remains white
Is the dirtied cold snow
And for all I've seen I surely know

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