Ronel O'Reilly Poems

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The Gentle Souls

I prefer the gentle souls
people in the right state of mind.
Short fuses and anger tantrums
cause me anxiety - their sole


I keep expecting to belong.
And it's not that I definitely don't belong, but
neither do I convincingly belong.
If I briefly glance in the mirror

Dj Nawtyness

She creates beats
tricks and effects on EQ
understanding and perceiving sound
capturing the essence in a pair of speakers

Ebb And Flow

The ebb and flow
of my life
are controlled by my moods
and they seesaw between

The Little Black Book

I have a little black book
words of wisdom
gathered over the years
notes, eye-openers

Jesus People

I don't want to talk to the Jesus people I don't want to hear that
this hellhole plays a small part in my salvation.

I don't want to hear

Penthouse No 5

I have been moved
to a new spot...
a new spot on the block
I call it Penthouse no 5

A True Story Of Being Me

I live my life in a host of stories
connected to other people's
stories in various ways
I understand and identify things

Soft Cello Notes

I have a friend
my oasis...
she has the ability
to connect to my soul

You Have No Power Over Me

You might think you have
absolute power over me...
by slamming the gate in my face,
you only confine me