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As i watch the birds in the sky,
I feel so happy,
As i walk to get over all the trials and tribulations of life.
The river weezes by,

I forgot to tell you I Love You
As the door closed this morning.
And so You walk away.
Not knowing how i truely feel.

As we lay there after another session,
And after every session you ask 'what im thinking'
I always tell you the same thing baby.
I say 'that was great'

The writter struggles to find the words.

To explain the loss of you.
You did so much,

So here I am….again
Im alone
My friends- so I call them don’t care
Im at the end of the tunnel

There is a pretty little place in England

There is a sunny little spot

When your heart hurts so much to think,
Yet your head is so busy filling todays thoughts away to start afresh in the morning?
What if yesterdays thoughts are still there? What if the previosu days thoughts combine with the new days?
When you wake in the morning still going throught the weeks thoughts, going through every trial,

Our hearts have limited beats.
Every Minute, is one beat less.
One beat less is a second less of life.
Before those limited beats end,

Im Starting to live my life,
Im dancing my crazy dance!
Im singing my favourite song like no one is listening
Im shouting to Rock songs like its how im meant to

All Smile gone
I dont know where
im looking for them

We sleep, eat, walk and work,
Day to day things,
not thinking of the earth.
The polution,

I missed you yesterday,
I am missing you today,
I will miss you tomorrow.
I will miss you forever.


My heaven is with you
flowers and trees
the sun
blue sky

When it seems likes it all gone
When it seems like there is no point.
Look at tomorrow
As that New Day

You break free from the mold,
Your not like the rest,
You wear uniquness,

As the artist stands to paint,
of what will be titled 'LIFE'
The apron is tied,
The hair scarfed back,

The Thrill Of the Wind
The Thrill of the torrential Rain
The feeling of freedom
Every raindropp like a thousand knives across your body.

Oh My Spandex Wearing SuperDude,
Where in the hell are you?
My entire life ive been waiting.
And all i got were your rotten side kicks

In a small kitchen,
The 5 of us struggle,
The toaster pops,
The milk spilt,

Rosalita Fern Biography

I live in the UK, i write when i feel an extreme emotion whether it be happy or sad or love, i dont claim to be a talented and i know there are many mistakes in these and some arent that great but i enjoy writting them. Hope you enjoy!)

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*birds In The Sky* Just For You

As i watch the birds in the sky,
I feel so happy,
As i walk to get over all the trials and tribulations of life.
The river weezes by,
The Swan Sleeping with her newly formed eggs,
I can see the anxious waiting in her small eyes.

The birds still fly above me.
Chirping their sweet and innocent tunes,
Two Robbins Flirt,
Looking light and free,
As if there are no worries.

The distant traffic sounds Blurr away,
The dog flies over to me,
Gasping for a fuss from someone new,
Desperate for a new friend.

The Sun
Burning its angry fire,
Brings joy and carefreeness to everyone,
Forever giving the smile to peoples faces.

I ask the sun to keep shinning, I ask the sun to remain.

I ask the sun to keep bringing the smile to faces who so desperatly need one.

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Shekhar Joshi 08 March 2009

i can so much relate to your poems and you write good

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