Louemile Rosch Mangulabnan Poems

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The Matriarch From The Sonnet

Scattered within the boundaries of the Northern sky
Stars pledged by Orion, our matriarch breathes
With whisper of the wind, we heard them bleed
O mother of my vigor hear this cry

Carry Your Shadow

Coil Part 1

A vagabond, embraced by the filth of the mankind's waste
Gazed upon the day with tainted bliss, will I stand?
For death's grip is assured, longing for the yesterday's blaze.
Vermin from the streets welcomed me with grand.

Coil Part 2

"Shadow song you bore the mark of damnation, have you not? "
Thy wounds shall be forgotten, but not I.
On the face of isolation and judgement, you rot.
Cost of blood-lust had been clear on the obscured sky


Water, a shapeless memory to begin with
How can you see through all the symmetry?
Thrilled by time and anxious to be freed
Can you hear me? With all my frailty

A Beggar's Bravado

K-indness, our ammunition to bear
E-very bullet of compassion, we forsake to spare
E-ntangled by the roots of old and maiden's hair
P-ortrayed without the sense of despair

Victor Of Decay

To drown by the slayer's stench
And mauled by the wrath's teeth
Will you be captivated? Fallen Wench
Or to call the reaper who thirst for meat?

Gripping The Helm Of Thanatos

It has pillaged through our soil
Diabolical dilemmas consumed us with mass aggression
"Thou shall not nourish."said the foul
Dread and perturbation gripped the prayer of the wrecked nation

Trail Of Ashes

Forgotten son, behold the sanctity within
To frail to witness the world wither
Engulfed by the stench of hate and power
To annihilate those who spoke the word of the vermin

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