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My heart is not my heart anymore
I left it in the pulpit, wiggling red like jelly.

In a pilgrim's silence, the walls of

Sometimes there are just things you don't understand

and just can't explain how things happen

You can't just forget those who have gone.

You miss them all and think about those times touching hands -

(for vocations)

Tender breath,

Somewhere, I make promises
No bravoes, no bells, beyond
Dreams.Into the deep.

The hole is filled with

Many stars heaped from above

In crescendo, you on the pulpit -

It was in a house which I then quite venerated. It was a dance in the corners and after a while found the best place to stay was in front where you preached the good news.



I want to seize this time gathering my thoughts

To only one - Eternal God
Be Holy Trinity adored
Finite batteries of our lives
be charged

I can't solve the tangent of circles in heartbeats -
the pink fog of dusk and circles in bloodstone
lines perpendicular in the same core
our breaths in matrix of age, naked for rain.


When evening comes, I drowse in fear, my Lord
From flicked memories drifting in sorrow.

I can still smell your presence next to me.
How can I explain the look in your eyes?
How can I explain the hand movements,
The hush of breath in that midnight?

The smell of forgiveness is reeking
How could I through the mystery
of suffering
give you enough?

The glitter of a perfect day intoxicates
It makes me remember the past
and all the places dearest
the smell of secrets

The past, my own anguish
like tequila,
him in my throat

Slime and grease all over the
board you built near the bright
pink flower of noon


The angels and Saints watch over

And I,

There should be something on this paper
Like the lipstick on your neck when I bite you
After the corn pellets have dropped into my breasts
I remember I have to write before the brain cells wane

Solemn Tochigi blocks in a merry go round of maps, promised a harvest of oranges and pears in the fog-breath of morning.

Parks and libraries, amiable to a snow queen, bared the meditation of its hills and forests; a history in stone of Japanese martyrs and saints.


I don't believe in intimacy, anymore,
but there you are.
Once in a ritual we became too close
Breath was the only wall that separated faces.

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This is my 4th account on

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Rosalinda Flores - Martinez (also known as RoseVoc2, Rose) has written " The Stations of the Cross in Poem Prayer, " first published online in 2010, and next published online in 2011.

The author has also written 150 Prayer Prompts from the Book of Psalms (Holy Bible) , under the name " Rosevoc2" ; Rosevocation (account.2) .

Rose is a mother to two daughters. She has worked at the Pastoral Institute of Vocation Ministry(Rogationists of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) and has taught ESL around Asia and online to foreign (professionals/university) students.

She finished elementary and high school at the Philippine Normal College Laboratory School and earned her Bachelor in Accountancy from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

She also completed a course in Freelance Journalism and Authorship at the International Correspondence Schools (Seal of the Schools at Scranton Pennsylvnia): majored in Fine Arts Creative Writing at De La Salle University.

She has worked for Wealthline International Magazine (also circulated in Canada) , MM Magazine (for the Filipino community in Guam) , Earthquest Magazine, Villages Newspaper, Working Woman Magazine (an affiliate of Buy and Sell) and was a PR writer for Backroom, Inc.

Rose became a regular contributor to The Daily Tribune Newspaper, Cook Magazine, Rogate Ergo Magazine, and Liwayway (‘Mga Bagong Manunulat’; of the editor Reynaldo Duque) . Her first article “From the Heart of a Woman, ” was published in Women’s Journal Magazine.

The author’s fiction story in Filipino “Rebecca, ” was included in the book titled “30 Piling Kuwento” (2003, edited by Danilo Meneses) . Rose is a member of the Katinig Writers group and the Asia Pacific Writers and Translators Association.

RoseVoc2 writes online for the “I Share” global community on the Web, and has worked for a CAB Project. Her free ebooks like Basic English, books about success, writing, prayer and poems, among others, are available online.

Saint Hannibal Mary Di Francia is her guardian Saint, who inspires her with the ‘Rogate’ and the prayer prompt on Psalms, vocations, and work.

In December 2012, the author posted " My Bible Highlights" (from The Living Bible, The Way - A Catholic Edition) done in the time of early motherhood, while growing up kids.

In January 2013, a first post (draft) online by RoseVoc " My Psalm Proem Narrative" experiments with varied writing genres (prayer poems, prose, nonfiction narration, among others) , linking the past to today's life and literature.

Being part of an evolving culture of the mass media and expanding technology, Rosevoc/ Rosevoc2 has delved into writing as an art - (design art, popular art, fine art): she converts her 150 psalm prayer poems and ebook nugget of the four Gospels " My Bible Highlights" into colorful slides and photography (from family, friends, community) in 2014 for the " I Share Community."

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My Heart Is Not My Heart Anymore

My heart is not my heart anymore
I left it in the pulpit, wiggling red like jelly.

In a pilgrim's silence, the walls of
the sky tore and clouds restrained
Rain was supposed to be vicious,
but rainbows came.Earth was supposed
to curse, yet mercy reigned.

I died for sometime in the nightmares
that haunted me.I was raging with the
moon in every fortnight.What taste
does she offer? Beneath dignity her
coarse tongue roused trouble in my home.

Foolish fire! My youth was stripped, my heart,
an oblation, my lips sullen and unkissed!
To unending highways, grief toppled me down
To drumbeats of rock stars, to a deafening roar
I sieved layers of smoke.

Michael Furey from the gasworks sustained
my innocence. Books dozed off my nights
My bed groaned
Until You, brushed my shame -
"summum bonum. "

My heart is not my heart anymore;
stretched tight to the sky,
I cry to the dead -
and like a child,
I blubber "Lord! " -for hope.

Rosevoc. sept 14,2016

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Life is a matter of choice. But as long as you live life with love - nothing will go wrong; not in contest of any law, but only living in faith. God is always near.

Dare me to love you. Seize me not to think, but only love you.

The creative writer feels it, but the muse will not speak it, it will write.

How to write creative literature is not taught. It is practiced. It is bleeding your brains and cutting your heart out. It is a way how a writer lives and struggles to find an answer of a quest she ought to share with the world. It is finding zeal in God's big and small creation. It is Ecclesiastes delight in time for everything, David's prose and prayers in the Psalms, and Desiderata.

Creative literature is feeling as though lightning had struck and toads would turn into diamonds.

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Rosalinda Flores Martinez Popularity

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