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Here I'm an orphan in this world
And so have I much to remember
Those who have no-one in this world,
would have a lot of memories to remember

I'm a tree in a barren soil,
Shedding its leaves as tears
I cannot grow more here,
Under the scorching hatredness

This night is so desperate
like my woeful heart
Oh, this lonliness killing me alive
But it's so hard to get true love

I was under the impression,
That you were loving me.......
Wasn't I just up your street?
Wasn't I the canary of your bougainvillaea?

The night rain pouring pearls
Over our green pasures
Like you shower your kiss
Over my pearly cheeks

What do you want from me?
Do you want my mind?
Do you want my heart?
Do you want my soul?

Dreams were uncountable,
Of my palpable heart
Though I melt like Sun,
In the Zodiac belt of mind

I'm amazed by the way people treating me
Bamboozled by their naked staring
What they want from me?
Why they wish to talk with me?

He loved me though I rather cute
Or I was not ever such a nice girl
But he was so madly in love with me
We never did meet to eat popcorn

When I walk through the rain
I feel your love like the drops
That soaking my heart and soul
To dissolve all my pains of my heart

''Life is a gambling'',
gambling by fate,
o'er certain innocent souls
And I was the one,

What's the meaning of,
Be in love,
Being in love,
To be in love? ? ? ?

How many times have I written?
How many times have I said?
How many times have I showed?
I changed my style!

It's the time of mirth
The spring has come
In my lonely island
When he whispered

It's running its course,
the unfinished story of my life.....
having many untold secrets....
like the dark-clouds of the sky..

I was burning,
admist all faggots,
of broken dreams,
haunting memories,

listen to me without prejudice
gaze not eagerly at my bodice
Nothing shall ever exist

Take me back to the sea of love
Take me back to the sea of love
I'm lonely in this desert

Oh, dreams,
You're the feathers of my hopes
that silently flowing to my heart
for nesting my life again beautiful

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I'M An Orphan

Here I'm an orphan in this world
And so have I much to remember
Those who have no-one in this world,
would have a lot of memories to remember
You can never read the whole story of our life,
Our life will be an illusion before your eyes
So will not get any assurance from you..
This's the saddest story of all orphans
You can only argue with us all the time
Nor can love us as your sister or brother
Some show sympathy on our life
But sympathy is not love nor a promise too.
We will wander through roads holding all the epidemic friends
Some may get an asylum for a while
Some may get a life like the real-life by some true hearts
We have the priority to, to be abused by all
We are the sex- workers of red-streets
We are the child-workers of the hot deserts
We are the prey of drug addiction
No one is here to guide us in the right path
We are so hungry but no one will give us,
even a little waste of their dinner.
We are eating starvation and growing in starvation
We are drinking cholera-water
And so we are highly infectious
We are the sons and daughters of deadly diseases..
We have no birthday but awaiting us a deathday at the earliest.....
Tell us now, who's having a lot of memories
Can you save us from this hell-life?
We too want a real-life like you.....

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