Rose Terry Cooke

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Rose Terry Cooke (née Terry) was an American writer born in West Hartford, Connecticut to Henry Wadsworth Terry and Anne Wright Hurlbut.

She went to the Hartford Female Seminary where "For her own entertainment she wrote poems and dramas for her friends". She graduated from the seminary at age sixteen and that same year became a member of the Co ...

Rose Terry Cooke Poems


I watch her in the corner there,
As, restless, bold, and unafraid,
She slips and floats along the air


Sunset on the mountains hoary,
Deepens into night;
Day hath lost its crown of glory,
Life hath lost its light.

Night Comes Creeping

Night comes creeping slowly o'er me,
Like a vapor cold and gray;
Dim the track that lies before me,
Lost the lingering smile of day.


IF I were a cloud in heaven,
I would hang over thee;
If I were a star of even,
I ’d rise and set for thee;

Bird Music

Singer of priceless melody,
Underguerdoned chorister of air,
Who from the lithe top of the tree
Pourest at will thy music rare,
As if a sudden brook laughed down the hill-side there.

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